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The Future of Hifi is just being Discovered
The best sound : Ilumnia Magister MK2 : floating cone on a magnetic field : amazing !!  
Best turntable for the buck
Try to find a Thorens 124  MK2. You gonna enjoy it. !!  
Top 10 vintage cassette decks
Best cassette deck ever : Akai   JX 9 ! The perfect sound !  
Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
The best dac’s I owned/had: Metronome Technologie “Le Dac” / C6 signature/ C8+ ,Ear Yoshino DAc 4 , and Audio Note dac 4.1x ( all dac’s with tubes!  
Best Phono Stage
Aurorasound : Vida !! Perfect , Made in Japan.  
What defines mid-fi versus high-end?
When à product  gives as possible the real sound as the recording : than we speak about high-end. ! Does it means The price of the equipment :: no !  P.ex.: The Ear Yoshino 509, VAC, Zanden… gave à pure sound ! That’s high-end for me . High-fi / ... 
Is a Garrard 401 or 301 "accurate"??
I do like Garrard, but I have now a Thorens 124 MKII with SME 12 inch : I adore !!  
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Ilumnia Magister MK 2: look at :  
Can a Amp be "timeless" and compete with todays amps?
Like Tim de Paravicini said :(30 y. ago. )It Will take more than 50 y. when  one even comes close to the sound that was then designed with tube amps. Class D will never reach that level. And he is right ! Look at the EAR 509 : more tha 30 years st... 
“House” Character of Popular $20-$30k Speakers
The best one you named is Monitor Audio. (PL 500 is quite good) . Sonor Faber,B&W, Wilson Audio :gave not a natural sound : sorry for The lovers : Low isn’t real  , No emotion ,missing the holography and placement of the instruments  .Focal is... 
The sound quality from DACs - is it all the same?
À good DAC, Do what hé have to do : from digital to analog: i did à test with a dac of 1000€,10 000€ and one of 40 000€.( very popular MSB): The first ones were very good (exellent). The most expensive one was to “clean”: no sensitivity,, no emoti... 
Turntable upgrade recommendations: SME vs AMG vs Technics vs other
Senza , you are right : in Europe , you have to use 220v , instead of 230v. Is very important !! Thanks for your tip !  
Turntable upgrade recommendations: SME vs AMG vs Technics vs other
I have The Thorens 124 MK2 with SME (12’) :is great !!!  
Rossini Apex by DCS - Home Audition
À nice dac : little bit à “clean” sound ,. It sounds like The MSB ref.dac.  : i miss the natural view . the experience of The Music (the  ability to feel). : I compared them with the Metronome Technologie C6 and - Le Dac :the Metronome was the win... 
Looking for a tube phono pre
Ear Yoshino phonobox : you gonna love it !!