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A turntable that plays all types of music well
Give me the old ones ! Denon DM 100 or Thorens 124 : amazing !! Much better than a lot of high priced ,new ones… 
"I have the best system in the world!" An Audiophile's Journey
Enjoy your system…but not for me: “the best in the world”:don’t like the sound of McIntoch: there are a lot of better, “natural “-sound systems. VAC, Ear Yoshino, Nagra, Wavac,… 
B&W 800 D4's, Room size, & general Q's
Not audio Quest: Audio Research I ment 
B&W 800 D4's, Room size, & general Q's
For that price: never B&W and McIntoch: As streamer,you can take Moon, , Lumin, Aurender , Auralic with a seperate dac: Metronome Technologie C6 or C8 , Ayre , Ear Yoshino… as pré-amp: Daniël Hertz M6L, ,Ayre, Audio Quest. As Poweramp: Zanden ... 
Bad recordings and high end audio
A good recording, is a good one;a bad, a bad one. On good stuff:you hear everything also the differency of recording ,and label. You  can hear it to , on the cd’s of Dire Straits: only the 2th last albums are good, ( the first 3 albums are a disas... 
New cables - To judge now or after burn in period?
Burn in time is about 200 h. :after 100h, it will be sound better: more “open” and better placement of the instrument. After 200h. It must be okay !! 
So damn hard deciding which tube preamp to buy!
Ear Yoshino 912 (12k) Ear Yoshino  868 pl  (6,5k) , VAC signature MK2 se ( 19k) , Audio research ref.5se I (13k), DarTZeel NHB-18NS ( 23k): with one of them : you are in the clouds ! 
The best tube poweramp. . What do you think about ?
Thanks a lot , to all of you ! 
The best tube poweramp. . What do you think about ?
Thank you very much, for those nice reactions. I live in Belgium (Europe) but it’s always nice to hear response from other audio-fans.  And I look forwards to hear some amps.,you described. knotscott :I’ve heard the Magico S5 MK2 but I have to say... 
The best tube poweramp. . What do you think about ?
Yep Roxy54: they are amazing. It’s a cone floats on a magnetic field. First in the world : made by Jef and Tom Nuyts (Belgium) ::Omni-radiial. : Cone to 9,5 kHz, above, the scan-speaker. 
Tube Preamp - What to buy?
Ear 912 ( by Tim de Paravicini ) ; Metronome Technologie C6 ! 
Amplification: what are the biggest advances of the last 40 years?
For me , class D :is very detailfull, open, but ,it’s emotionless.  With class A amplifiers (tubes) ,you empathize with the music !! Very good placement, 3D. You become much more involved in the music and make it much more pleasant to listen to! G... 
Dagostino hd momentum, is lack of rubes a problem?
I’ve heard the d’Agostino different times with the Sonus Faber speakers : not my stuff: there’s no emotion in the music , very “flat’. ( sorry for the lovers…) detail  and placement are okay, but very expansive for what it is : much beter are Ear ... 
What's your dream speaker?
Ilumnia Magister MKII : the best speaker ,I ever heard ! Sounds like in the studio : very open , 3-D, nice placement, matches the sound of the recording ,detailfull …information can be found at : 
What DAC upgrade made you say “DAMN, that sounds SO MUCH better than my last DAC”?
From Hegel HD 30 to Metronome technologie C6 : Amazing !!!