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DAC Choices - $5,000 to $7,000
I do like the Audio Note Dac3/4, Ear dac ( is great!!) Chord, Metronome C6 (gorgeous !!)  
How would you characterize the VAC tube amps?
I’ve heard a lot of tube amps not the VAC.. I’ve heard Pass: he’s  very detailfull, musical..but for me the best tube-amps are: Ear Yoshino 509 (2x100w. Monoblocks) ,and the Wavac 805 m ( 2x56w). I thanks all of you for writing something about VAC... 
What s the best Class A integrated tube amp over 80W
The best class A tube I ever heard is: Ear Yoshino monoblocks 509 (100w), I have the Wavac 805m (56W)and is great to! 
Best DAC
Best Dac ‘s( for me) , I ever heard: Metronome Technologie C6, Wavac, Ear, Playback.... 
To Roon or not
Never Roon: it rapes the music (my opinion). Have Nas Synology, Auralic:connected to the Metronome Technologie C6, and preamp: Daniël Hertz M6,Wavac 805m and the Ilumnia Magister. So :it sound very natural, open ,3D and detailfull. Why still Roon? 
Looking for a new integrated amp
Roque and Creek :okay: No musical fidelity.  And first: go listen to them before you make a decision.  
Looking for more detail in a speaker
B&W isn’t a detailed speaker:(for me) this is not high-end. The best I ever heard is the Ilumnia Magister. Also like Verity, Harbeth, Magico...(is mine opinion) 
Pass Labs x250.8 vs tube amps
I have the Metronome Technologie C6 (tube) and the Wavac 805m :they does not give the heat you think. In a half hour he sounds great. After one hour:it’s optimale ! 
Do you use a Subwoofer when listening to stereo?
Never ! Pure nature! 
Pass Labs int 60 vs. Luxman 590 uX ii
I do like both, but Pass is beter in low. Both are detailfull and very open , 3DI had the Luxman and was a little bit to “sharp” , Less detail in the lower area. Pass have a good combination between High-mid-low. I prefer Pass. 
Can anyone identify the model of this speakers?
Only in iCloud Drive..... 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
Agnetha Faltskog (Abba)Sandie ShawSarah Brightman. 
I really wanted to dislike D'Agostino
I do understand Bob ! I’ve heard d’Agostino several times and it’s not my stuff. First on S.Faber speakers : so clinical without any “feelings” for the music. On B&W it was even worse : no clarity, never to the point : I couldn’t empathize wit... 
Upgrade DAC recommendation
The best one’s in your system is Metronome technologie C6 or C8 or Ear (Tim de Paravicini). But first of all, you have to listen to this. These 2 dac’s gonna give you more “life”, 3D in your music. McIntosh is (for me) to cool and to flat. You nee... 
What to upgrade next.
another streamer  and a separate dac!