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Wilson Audio, Talon, Rockport and B&W
No one mentioned Eggleston Works Andra II's or Savoy's: they surely worth an audition. I would say that I never heard a better speaker than the Andra II in my house. Egglestons are surely less commercial and known than Wilsons and others mentioned... 
Thiel CS 5i, 7.2. and others
I had the 3.6, the 6 and the 7.2 in the past: to my ears the 6 was the best sounding, a little less open and transparent than the 7.2 but more coherent and sweet in the mid-higs. Unfortunately I didn't hear the 5i but, for what I heard about them ... 
Apogee Grand: best speaker ever ?
Thanks Kwb for your post. Anyone that had the opportunity to heard the Grands (not Studio or Mini, the Grand itself) ? 
Apogee Grand: best speaker ever ?
Thanks for your opinions Drrdiamond, Sogood, Sgr and Daniel.Sogood, I read this article on Apogee speaker users... any other experience from someone who heard the Grands ? Thank you, Luca. 
Info on Using BAX to Ship
With Menlo Forwarding is even more simple than with BAX: it's simply necessary that you bring your items to their storage, then they have to wait 1 week before ship them anywhere in the world. 
shipping heavy speakers oversea
Menlo Forwarding but you have to personally bring the speakers to their storage, they cannot pick up from a private person. If the speakers are not wooden crated (and you don't want to build custom external crates, the only safe method to ship IMH... 
Avalon Eidolon Vision What's your take?
Me too I asked the same... no reply yet :-( 
Fedex or UPS?
Try to use BAX Global Or Menlo asking a favour to a business friend (they work with business only). 
Eidolon Vision ? no news from you, guys, about this new version of the Eidolon ? Anyone ? 
What speaker after Thiel 7.2?
Thank you Irish, I e-mailed him directly ;-) 
Avalon: are new models quite better than older ?
Dear Sirspeedy, good to hear from you again ! Just now I'm dealing for a pair of Ascents... I'll let you know soon. Thank you, Luca. 
Avalon: are new models quite better than older ?
Dear Rushton, the amps are the same: Pass X600, well know for their great control on speakers drivers, so I doubt that could be a problem due to amps. Anyway, thanks again. 
Avalon: are new models quite better than older ?
I have Eidolons now and Radian HC too. Well, I can't decide if I definitely prefer the one or the other ! Call me crazy but Eidolons have better resolution, transparency and detail in the mid/high region, the bass is more extended and deep BUT the... 
Personal speaker evolution
Well, I don't remember all the prices but the speakers... ah, changing speakers is my life ! :-)Infinity 8K, Sonus Faber Electa Amator (the original version), then Magneplanar MGIIIA, Chario Academy 3 (aaarggh, a POS), Thiel CS 3.6, Vandersteen 2C... 
Krell 450 MCX or 700MCX
Oviously the mono are better if you have no need of the last 2 db of spl capability. Just my 0.02