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Relocating power transformer in PS Audio GCPH
I'd love to see pics too. Maybe another location for pics...I have an Underwood modded GCPH and have no hum issues. Maybe the ERS around the PS section accomplishes some of the isolation that relocating the transformer accomplishes?132,000uF!!!! T... 
Cary slp-05 tubes rumor or fact?
Has2be has a point BUT I'm betting you will know if the tubes are better or not even with the extra connection. Tyi them with the sockets. If it indeed sounds better, you could consider something more drastic as Has2be suggests also.If they don't ... 
Arm Recommendation for Moerch UP4 Owner
What is it that you like about the UP4 vs the SME's as well as the UP4 vs the DV6?That will help determine what way to go next. 
Proceed AVP schematics needed.
Not available for any Proceed products. I tried... 
Wadia 170i Ipod Dock Vs Onkyo ND S1 Ipod Dock
Doesw anyone know if the ND-S1 works with the Itouch 4G?TIA 
Large brass devices on top of power amps ?
Leave it to audiphiles to complicate a very simple concept. All the MASS is for is to dampen/reduce vibrations getting to the electronics. So use something that has a lot of mass (a baggie of lead shot comes to mind - don't eat/breathe it) and wil... 
Spades terminations into spring load trminal
As others have said, the "half spade" into the terminal wil work but not very well. It really is a "kludgy" way of doing it.If you do not want to modify the cables, I like the option suggested by Hifihvn best. The problem is that the spring contac... 
Do Spectron Amps have faulty switching modulators?
Audiofeil,Prudent? Definitely not without also checking with other users. How often does a manufacturer NOT come clean on a systemic issue until his back is against the wall - think of all the auto recalls for a few examples. And then ONLY MAYBE!I... 
magnepan mmg experiments continue
Check the Audio Asylum Planar Speaker Asylum if you haven't already. Try the Auricaps. They seem to give the best bang for the buck without emptying your wallet.hth 
Record Clamps, which one and why?
Loanofficer,Thanks for this comprehensive list! This is extremely helpful and does uncover some of the typical "pricing practices" in the audio industry...Can you please share how you did the DIY JA Michell record clamp for Home Depot parts?TIA 
Rogue Metis/Odyssey Stratos++
And the problem was...? 
Help identify Turntable Web Site ???
Here's one:http://www.vinylengine.com/phpBB2/index.php 
cable recommendations
In addition to Signal Cable or Blue Jeans Cable you may consider Canare Star Quad 4S11 available as DIY or assembled from haveinc.com. These are all good cables that give a more neutral signature.Many of those "expensive" cables are more apt to gi... 
DIY speaker cables closer
What brand/model # 16 ga wire did you use? 
By-pass or Remove X-over in Revel Studios 1st Gen
I thought I'd bring this thread back to life since I am going down the bi-amp route now with a pair of Von Schweikert VR4.5 speakers. I started down the "active" route and NOTHING sounded right at all. As KAL and Raul have stated, those speaker de...