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Best sounding CD Player for $3K or less used?
I see the ARCAM FMJ CD36 mentioned. I have seen other posts here claiming that the CD36 is no better than the CD23T. One of those can be obtained here for about $800. 
McIntosh - is it that great?
I have an Audio Research VT-100 Mk II, but I have toyed with the idea of selling it and getting a McIntosh MC275. Has anybody compared the two amps? I would be interested in hearing people's opinions about how these two amps would compare sonicall... 
4 ohms or 8 ohms
I've been told by "Chris" at ARC that the 8 ohm taps sound better on ARC VT amps. If you are concerned about the speaker impedance being too low, try raising it by using the Paul Speltz Zero auto-former. 
Should I replace my LP12?
Forgot to add one thing. The Lingo upgrade replaced a Valhalla power supply. I had the Valhalla upgrade done in 1982. The Lingo was a HUGE improvelement over the Valhalla. 
Should I replace my LP12?
I agree with Stringmun1. I bought mine in 1977. In 2002 I did the Lingo-II, Trampolin upgrade and I had my local dealer replace the springs and adjust the suspension. I've been listening happily ever since. The Lingo made a HUGE difference. DON'T ... 
What is the difference between LS & PS
LS means "line stage" and SP means "Stereo Preamp" 
Used: Arc sp-3 vs. Adcom gfp 750
You say that you are looking for a quality "ss" preamp, but you mention the ARC sp-3, which is a tubed preamp.I have owned an sp-3 since 1974. I "upgraded" to an LS-15 about 8 years ago (but I kept the sp-3). Then, in 2003, I sent the sp-3 back to... 
Eric Bibb fans?
Second that on "River Road". In fact, it's on my TT as I write this. 
Acoustic Zen Adagio, How Good Are They?
The Acoustic Zen Adagios are made in San Diego. I have been to the factory and seen the assembly and test operation. 
Is Definitive Technology still in business?
Thanks, Their web site appears to be working today. I'll contact them Monday. 
What amp with Innersound Eros ?
Thanks for all your responses. I am currently using an ARC VT100 MkII. I am not using a preamp, but rather the volume control on the crossover-amp. I do not like a bright sound, so I'm not sure the Innersound amp would work for me. Anybody tried t... 
Upsampling the way to go? ?
Is it true that the Audio Note has no filtering ??This could not be good for amplifiers and tweeters.I thought it was a requirement that the aliasing frequencies must be filtered out of the analog output.Can anyone comment on this? 
Best CD Player under 2k ?
Thanks for your input, Matt413575. The rest of my system is ARC LS-15 preamp, ARC VT100 Mk-II. My speakers are currently IMF Monitor Mk III (25 yrs old), but I will be replaceing them soon. My "short list" for speakers is: Triangle Celius, Living ...