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Roger Waters Amused to Death LP what is it worth$
I see the sony open copy just sold on ebay ..seller says NM sold August 09, 08 for app $325.00just wondering if there is a sonic difference between the Sony/UK/Dutch copy??cheers 
Which Turntable For Temporary Use/ please read
Forgot to mention my system set upCoincident Total Victory 2 speakersAtma Sphere MP1 with phono stage and 140 watts mono 2006Emm labs CDP and DCC2power purifiers, Isoclean 80A and WalkerCords/////// Purist -Dominus and Stealth Indra interc, some K... 
what is a big speaker?
A BIG speaker is usually generalised when your wife first looks at them for the first time and says, those are big speakers. Either they go or I do!make sure you get the ok from the boss before you hand over any cash! 
how much to $pend to claim i am an audiophile?
Open up your wallet Amigo and you are in ! It is an addiction. Three levels of audiophile Class A, B, or C. Most folks start with Class C. Go to Class A and you are 1/2 way there. Enjoy the music, and see where it will take you. Honestly it is gre... 
Philips SACD-1000 repair and mods?
I can get some Furore chips they would cost you $175 + shipping /firmPlus I can get the Mace chips for $75.00 + shipping /firmboth upon availabilityif you buy 10 or more can give you 10% discount 
Problems with shipping to Canada
I am Canadian and I had many items bought in the USA and shipped by Fedex, and never had any problems, I did pay duties and taxes as I should. Here is my story, one day I get a item delivered to me at home which I bought in the USA delivered by fe... 
Transparent , Kubala , Luminous , or RS Poiema
The Kubala Emotiom cable is a Reference cable and is in the Top 5% of the industry. I also own the Signal cable in my TV system ,and I have to say that there is no comparison and certaily not even in the same league, but I did like them better tha... 
Anybody tried EMM DCC2 into preamp?
I got one of the first DCC2 when they came out, loved it. Then came the CDSD great match. I then got the MA1 Silver Edand got more excited. A few weeks later tried the MP3 AtmaS was ok but didn't see the value for the money, to thin. Then tried th... 
Dartzeel NHB-108 v Coda S5
I auditioned this amp and found it very fragile to deal with, If I remember right you could blew a fuse very easilyif you turn down the power ,you have to wait 3 minutes before you can disconnect the IC or you blow a fuse, and it didn't look easy ... 
CAT JL2 & Pre SL1 or Atma-Sphere MA-1 & MP-1
SiddhI will be driving the "New Coincident Total Victory 11" 
Digital Connundrum - Levinson? Audio Aero?
I have gone threw all this, I auditioned the 390S and many many more.I think that the 390S was a great player in its day.I would try the Aero, Ayre, Electrocompaniet, you must try them out to hear what you like and dislike. good luck  
Best Upgrade you had?
This is 10 pages long, "just kidding." Maximum Super TweeterTownshend Audio extend the responce of your speaker system to 100khz. If you got a box speaker, it's a no brainer. Put it in your system for 2/3 hours of listening, and now take them out.... 
Best Speaker Cable choices for Solid State system
1 cable that will convince you , Kubala-Sosna "Emotion"try there 30 day free trial, and never look back. NOTE: System dependent!check out the forum on the Emotion lineGood Luck 
FPB 300 vs 600 - Incremental or Fundamental?
I have had both the FPB 300 and then the FPB 600. They are similar in many many ways, if money is an issue go for the FPB 300. I would say that The FPB 600 delivers a wider sounstage, more detail, but to me it was not a WOW factor. What really mad... 
Best $4000-$5000 loudspeaker
Infinity Preludes with the RABOS Subs $5K used, 91 dB self powered 600 watts each sub. just an idealgood luck