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Stupid speaker test question...please help a n00b
One limiting issue in hifi is measurement vs perception. Apparently, everything that can be measured doesn't matter and some things which matter are not measured...or perhaps measurable (yet). Add in literally hundreds of tweaks ranging from Schum... 
Subwoofer Amp Suggestions?
Per OP::'Class D not my thing.' So NO Hypex for you!Personally, I love 'd' amps but.........OP limits suggestions to basicall A or A/B amps.What does OP use to drive remainder of system? Some people would say that makes a difference and the sonic ... 
Subwoofer Amp Suggestions?
How 'bout a Bryston?The Emotiva XPA-5 is 300x5, it should be good to 200x5 with all channels driven......At only 900$ a copy, it'd work. Amp has balanced ins, to boot. Will either above work well with 3->4ohms? I don't know. The Emo... 
Playback Design with Hifi tuning fuse
I'd be curious to know what the UL test / qualification procedure are for fuses....OR any other governing body, for that matter.In a not-quite related phenom. Aluminum has no fatigue limit, so every mechanical stress cycle eats into ultimate lifet... 
Playback Design with Hifi tuning fuse
Nonoise.Was that the article on circuit breakers? For the straight skinny on fuse specs, the littlefuse site has a lot of information with little digging.Yeah, memory MAY be an issue, but certainly not on a new fuse of the correct value and rating... 
Are film capacitors directional?
2x on the fluke.We had one at work....model# unknown, but we had to reliably measure 8mv with several digits left over.....and this one did with great accuracy and repeatability......Our spec was 8mv +-.001 
Stupid speaker test question...please help a n00b
Ears are less sensitive to distortion at lower frequencies. 5%? 10% I know it would look awful on a chart.At higher frequencies ears are much better.As for sensitivity being the sole measure needed? Well, I'd like to know if I were getting a speak... 
Playback Design with Hifi tuning fuse
I'd buy half a dozen of the 40$ fueses and play with 'em until I figured it out. 
Are film capacitors directional?
Operator Error? Write 'em up. I wrote more PDRs than the law allows. (Process Deviation Report) and even dinged some supervisors who were NOT certified on the process they screwed up. 
Big 2 channel Amp OR Smaller 6 channel and TRIamp?
1. Depends on crossover points.The 50:50 energy point is about 350hz.2. Can the amp make full power with 6 channels driven, or more likely, somewhat less than rating. Depending on cross over point and amp permitting, you may even want to bridge a ... 
Granite and digital..
Granite has quartz in average is about 70% silica. In crystaline form it is piezo electric.Possible explanation? 
Power standby effects on amp's aging and sound
Polk,I lived in Tampa (USF) and NMiami years ago. I remember FPL which we called Florida Flicker and Flash. And yes, lightning is killer.IF I lived there today, I'd have a whole-house surge protector installed. They are very good and fast and Not ... 
Shielding components from EMI/RFI... Help please
Try this: 
Wyred4Sound vs. Channel Island
W4S is ICE module.Isn't the Channel Islands a Hypex? 
Is there any truth to this question?
I like 'the amp of the month club'. Never joined, never will and couldn't pass the physical!However, given 2 identical impedance measuring speakers....they will react very differently to the same amp based on::1. Phase data for the speaker. Reacta...