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Magnepan's new LRS?
3-4 weeks was the estimate when i ordered about 10 days ago 
Magnepan's new LRS?
Also...I am currently using older Martin Logan Aerius speakers. How do you think the LRS's will compare? 
Magnepan's new LRS?
Waiting on my LRS's to arrive. I have 2 amps available, A Sunfire Cinema Grand and an Adcom gfa 555ms. I guess I'll try both but any opinions on which will be better for moderate volumes in a medium size room? 
sub to match martin logans
Gee maybe you have the same audio store I do. I was sold a a paradigm 15 servo to go with my SL-3 and Aerius speakers. I have a vandersteen center (for now). I am looking to upgrade to a cinema center. The crossover with the paradigm is great for ...