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Appropriate Power for 1.7i's
Might not be too bad of an idea.  The item was purchased at an estate sale.  The seller says it works.  But that might just mean that it powers up. 
Appropriate Power for 1.7i's
Thanks, Raindance and 4hannas, for sharing your experiences.  Most helpful.  If the DNA-1 does not work out, I may try the Stratos.  There seems to be a paucity of used units, so I may bump the budget and buy new.  I did find a pair of platinum mo... 
Appropriate Power for 1.7i's
I have made a potentially expensive error. I found a DNA-1 on e-bay and made a bid. I later discovered that the amp is configured as a bridged monaural. (Thought it has L & R outputs, I noticed later that it only had inputs for one channel). C... 
Appropriate Power for 1.7i's
I am currently leaning toward a Parasound A-23 or Carver TFM-35.  What say you on the relative merits of those amplifiers paired with the Magnepan 1.7i's ? 
Appropriate Power for 1.7i's
Recently I have heard of people just hooking up their DAC's to their amplifiers.  Is this doable?  If so it might work for me since I am not intending to use multiple sources and I am not a big fidgeter of base / treble / balance, etc.   An advant... 
Appropriate Power for 1.7i's
Thanks, raindance.  I will consider your advice.  It is good to hear from a fellow Maggie owner. 
What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?
1990-2017:  Bose 901Since April, 2017:  Magnepan 1.7i 
When and how did you, if at all, realize vinyl is better?
  I ditched my vinyl a long ago in favor of CDs. I don’t miss the vinyl, though I can relate to the elegance of an all analog path. After all, all speakers are analog, as they must be, since our ears are.  Having said that introducing a cartrid... 
High End Amp Price Collapse musings
Hi, I think that however good Class D becomes, it will always sound different than Class A, and a significant enough number of audiophiles will consider them worth their weight that the market for used class A / AB amps will not take a nose dive a... 
Magnepan 1.7 too bright, HELP
I recently purchased a pair of 1.7s (new). I play them in a wood paneled room (my office) with oxygen free (non-audiophile $.50/ft) speaker wire. Power is provided by a piece of junk (Old Yamaha AVR rated by the manufacturer at 85/channel into 8 o... 
Absolute Sound - do we really need another review like this?
I see your point. However such reviews are not completely useless (at least to me). When I research a product I put a little more weight on the most recent reviews. This makes sense to me even for products that have been on the market for a few ye...