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A Little Help, Talon Raven C's: Are They Keepers?
That is one fundamental difference. Mike has also, as usual, changed the crossover to achieve a little bit better efficiency. The cabinet is heavier as well, better braced, beefier. He usually offers a choice in binding posts too, and some improve... 
A Little Help, Talon Raven C's: Are They Keepers?
Awesome speaker. Holographic, spacious, delicate, dynamic, mesmerizing. 
Talon Raven C Speaker Cable recommendations please
I have Synergistic Research wire throughout my system and it is wonderful. Smooth, detailed, musical. My Raven C's mate well with the Synergistic products. MM 
I want profoundly better bass
Raven C's with high current, high powered amps play extremely deep, tight, tuneful and fast bass. You will not even consider a subwoofer in a 2 channel system. Incredibly accurate and musical bass response when driven properly. MM 
Amp for Talon Raven C
The EC 220's in mono are a GREAT pair of amps for Talon speakers. Also, the Cary SLP 98 is also a wonderful complement to this outstanding brand of speakers. MM 
Jungson 88D vs Dk Design MKII
Ozzy, perhaps you are correct. Again, preference, taste, options, flexibility and perceived value are some of what makes this such an interesting hobby. Again, insisting on what is "better" doesn't really apply because what I like and what you lik... 
Jungson 88D vs Dk Design MKII
Actually yes. I just sold my DK and replaced it with the Jungson JA 88D and yes, they are integrateds, not pre-amps.Interesting comparison. Confirms my opinion that "better than" does not apply to many of the audio products available. More valid a... 
best CD player or DAC under $1000
Has anyone listened to the Jungson Moon Harbour? Comparisons? 
Talon Hawk - your experience, opinion?
Actually had the VR4 Jr's in the house at the same time as the Hawks. Interesting comparison. The Hawks are definitely more refined, more "sophisticated" sounding -- hard to describe, but when you A/B the two speakers, the Hawk immediately sounds ... 
Talon Hawk - your experience, opinion?
Great question, since both are excellent speakers. I traded my Hawks for Raven C's. The Hawks of course can't approach the bass reproduction of the Raven C's. Few speakers can. The Raven's bass response is just stunning. Pitch correct, full, deep,... 
To: DK Designs VS-1 MkII Amplifier Owners
I have had mine for about 3 months now and drive Talon Raven C's. I have installed two sets of NOS tubes after having listened to the stock tubes. The first, a set of Matsushita 1960 vintage and more recently a set of Amperex 6DJ8's. All 3 sets of... 
The best hybrid amp?
check out the DK Designs integrated, pretty special. 
Talon Ravens vs. JM Lab Mezzo Utopias??? comment
would like to modify my negative comments re: the Soliloquy 5.3; have actually borrowed my old pair back and they are not bad as a modestly priced floor stander. Must have had bad synergy or something? They are actcually pretty nice little speaker... 
Talon Ravens vs. JM Lab Mezzo Utopias??? comment
Would like to rescind my negative comment re: the Soliloquy 5.3 speakers. I must have had some problems with system synergy, or more specifically with an amp I powered the Soliloquys with. Currently have borrowed a pair of 5.3's while awaiting new... 
Should I upgrade my adcom 750 w/black gate caps
read my thoughts on the A 21 on Audioreview; unreal amp, fabulous, can't imagine it not being a huge improvement