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Looking for a new (preowned OK) line stage under $5K: suggestions?
Zavfino Prima MKII OCC Speaker Cable would probably be a good match for the Pulsars. They seem to be rich in the lower and mid frequencies. In my system it is a little too much (Fyne F 1-8 speakers).  I second the Rogue RP-7 preamp with NOS tubes... 
Sound Performance Lab
Interesting... removed posts, and no reply to this one? Weird.   
Streaming network issues - need a geek
@jgoldrick and @mike_in_nc If I do set the modem (Arris NVG443B - supplied by service provider) to passthrough will I still be able to connect my desktop and printer in the studio via ethernet to the modem (the router is in a different location in... 
Streaming network issues - need a geek
Thanks for additional replies! @jgoldrick It does handle 4k, but just barely, and only when connected ethernet direct to the modem. I am using the modem router, and currently also using its WiFi. The modem is in my studio. I have my desktop and m... 
Streaming network issues - need a geek
Thanks everyone for replies so far. @yage I bought a large Sony 4k TV, connected it to the Nighthawk router (tried both Ethernet and WiFi) and was not able to connect to any 4k service. Connection tested as functional. Connected straight to the m... 
Streaming network issues - need a geek
Thanks @eranbuell, but this is not a browser issue. I'm not streaming from a computer. If you mean the NuPrime software, I am having the same issue with mconnectPlayer HD streaming to the network card in my Bricasti DAC. Both work fine when they a... 
Pass INT-25 better than Wilsenton R8?
I had the amp-only version, Pass XA-25, driving a 97db efficient speakers. There were certainly remarkable things about the amp, most notably imaging. But when I pushed it a bit I could hear distortion. It might have been clipping, but probably fr... 
OCD audio guy naming shady Audiogon dealers by name
OCD Mikey is a good guy. And knowledgable.  
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
TCO is total cost of ownership--I'm guessing he means power bill. TCO for class A should include the cost of back surgery.  
Anyone own Linear Tube Audio Amps?
I had the XA-25 driving Spatial X5s, and it was a spectacular combination. I have been to LTAs facility and listened to several of their amps on Spatial Sapphire model. While this is not in any way a fair comparison (room, speaker, time), the LTA ... 
Rouge Audio RP-7
If you order a RP-7 you can request an aluminum remote for a small upcharge.   
Suggestions: Interesting small speakers with flexible placement
Gallo Strada 2. Buy direct with a return policy.    
Who uses ADS Speakers
In the late ’70s I had a pair of ads monitors. A friend accurately described them as screaming bricks.  
Can recommend some non-fatigue SMALL bookshelf for near-field listening?
Gallo Acoustics Strada 2. Crossoverless, 90db efficient, 20k-68hz, available with desktop stands. Smooth, transparent, detailed. I think about $2k US. I have no affiliation other than having owned the Reference 3.1's, which my son-in-law is now en... 
Roon Streaming Service actually Degrades the sound
@richtruss No android device here. mconnectHD sounds good, better than roon. With mconnectHD streaming Qobuz to the Bricasti there is a wealth of detail and nuance, much better dimensionality and connection to the music. Heck, even Omnia Receiver ...