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Help with streamer software
@vandy357  Same as me, except my DAC is the only other PS A piece I have. And I'm with you on the return policy. I hate to do it, but will if necessary.  
Help with streamer software
@vandy357  I downloaded Jplay to test. Using it now on my Lumen and it is very good. Full featured and sounds great. The Airhead is due here on Wednesday. But if you have the N20 now I wouldn’t change unless you also have a PS A DAC, in which cas... 
Help with streamer software
@mahler123 ​@lalitk I did compare Roon to other apps and found it lacking in sound quality. Not vastly, but it was definitely there. Regarding sound quality of IR, Jazz24 has two streams, one is MP3, the other is redbook. This is my primary musi... 
Help with streamer software
@fuzztone  Thanks. I did ask PS A. They are basically counting on Roon to drive the thing. Volumia won't work for me, it requires Raspberry or Windows.  @ghdprentice  I know Aurender has great software and I might end up there at some point. Cu... 
Have you asked yourself this question?
I made that decision years ago and don't regret it one bit.   
New DAC with streamer
@cundare2  I think Condosound has your answer. For me, the only drawback with the Airlens is the lack of dedicated software. Roon would be a good solution.  
New DAC with streamer
Had the PS Audio DSD Mk1, moved to the Bricasti M3, now PS Audio DSD Mk2 -much more refined in my system. Regarding the network card, unless you are using Roon my strong advice is to get a dedicated streamer. Mconnect is a pain and doesn't sound g... 
Who is excited about Capital Audiofest 2023?
@vthokie83  He had a Linear Tube Audio integrated and their streamer. Clayton admitted the sound was a little thin with these components. I thought the highs were slightly brittle, which I attribute to the LTA stuff. I have become very sensitive ... 
Who is excited about Capital Audiofest 2023?
Oh, and getting out of the parking area under the hotel at the end of the day was a total cluster you-know-what. It took hours.   
Who is excited about Capital Audiofest 2023?
+2 on Joseph Audio. Now Listen Here had a very nice setup in the executive suite (Pearls with some outrageously expensive electronics), and there were a few others featuring the Perspectives and Pulsars. These all sounded very good. Also heard an... 
Does a particular musician’s songwriting and artistry speak to you above all others?
I agree that Mark Knopfler is always tasteful, reserved, and thoughtful in his playing. His lyrics maybe not so much.  
From pass xa25 to krell k-300i
I had a Pass XA 25 and replaced it with a pair of AGD amps (GaN based class D). Backert Labs pre and Fyne F1-8 speakers. The AGDs did exactly what you are asking for. Smooth, detailed, dynamic, slightly warm, and very natural sounding.  
Better hearing
Hi frequency hearing loss. Classic.    
The Audiophile Upgrade Easiest to Ignore
I'm a Widex Moment user and very happy with them. They are not perfect but are dramatically better than all of the others I have had (Phonax, Costco). The others sounded so bad they were essentially unusable. They were edgy, grating, unnatural.   
Speaker cable recommendations
You might also check with Cap at Audio Envy: Some excellent products at very reasonable prices. I particularly like their speaker cables.