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Tube Socket Savers, why?
Socket savers are a wise idea for tube testers.  
VPI-HW19 first model
Hmmm, I was just in touch with them a few days ago via email and got a response the same day.  
Phono cables
 I replaced a grounding wire I ran from the bottom of the spindle under the TT to the grounding lug on the tone arm junction box (probably some 12 years old- the copper strands were badly oxidized) and I cleaned all the connections at the junction... 
Jadis Branded KT88's (manufacturer?)
Not sure about your KT88's but I had a pair of Jadis branded 274b's that were a mirror image of Full Music brand I have.   
Phono cables
@lewm  Dynavector xx2 mkII on a VPI Aries table and VPI arm.         
Phono cables
  Doesn't the fact that there is no more hum with the Aural Thrills cables mean the problem is solved?       
Phono cables
It sounds like a trial period/ money back might be the way to go here. @grk - I will give Alex a call.       
Can one have too many tube components in a system?
I had mostly all tube gear (amp, preamp, cd player, phono amp, headphone amp) with very efficient speakers for several years, never had tube hiss issues.  
Big Below 15k used that can play loud as heck
Klipshorns with a couple subs  
Luxman L-550 AX Mark II on low volume (apartment)?
Looks like the L-550 AXII has a loudness feature (on the remote). I do activate the loudness control at low level listening on my L-590 AXII  
Who are the Stand Up Guy's and Gals in this Audio Industry?
Sean Casey from Zu Audio 
Luxman flashing power light and relay clicking
My newly acquired Luxman 590axII clicks once, then the light flashes 16 times. I never tried to play music before the light stops flashing and goes steady.Sounds like your unit needs servicing. 
Luxman 590axii ventilation
I just bought that int amp and will tell you that a lot of heat generates out of the top. Me personally, I wouldn't do it with just 1" of clearance on top.  
Power conditioner some say yes and some say no.
I pulled my power conditioner from my system about a month ago and so far I hear no difference. But I am in the middle of a major system change and only heard my previous system without it for about 2 weeks. My new system sounds great so far witho... 
Tube testers
Having 19 tubes in my system I can say having a tube tester does comes in handy.  I can't imagine having to replace one tube at a time when something is not sounding right to find the bad one.