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So where should the tubes be?
I've been running tubes in my system for over 35 years now. Amp, preamp, phono stage, headphone amp and CD player. I always had tube friendly speakers and the music has been glorious- to my ears. But it's time for a change. Just this week I switch... 
Over loading?
I've seen this before where a 15 circuit had a mix of 14 ga and 12 ga wiring. It was just a caution to you to check as a 20 amp breaker would not be a good idea in this case. 
Over loading?
Seems odd to me that there is a 15 amp breaker on 12/2 wiring. I would check that the entire circuit is wired in 12/2.  
Any dealings with Northern Audio
Nobody's had any dealings with Northern Audio? 
Nakamichi DR-10 Cassette Deck Repair
Willie Herman Services in CA. Nobody knows Naks better. 
Wall shelf for VPI Super Scoutmaster?
+1 artemus_5 Also, be sure to get your fastener in the center of the stud. You don't want the fastener at or near the edge of the stud and splitting it. 
klipshorn speakers
+1 asctimThey get crazy loud, but bass shaking not so much. I ran mine with a Velodyne 15" sub and that did the trick.  
klipsh scala speakers
I had the Cornwalls and the Klipshorns in the past. Both had bass but didn't go as deep as you would think they would for their size. I ran a sub with the Khorns. 
Considering an integrated
A lot of good information here.  "Virtually no ticks or pops"- yes ultrasonic cleaner. I'm sure my phono amp has a lot to do with it too. I want to be clear that I wont make this move without a built in phonostage & headphone amp. And I won't... 
New ebay payments require SS#?
@mtrot  I did initially send them my account number along with routing number. Then the next step they wanted my password to that bank account!. I backed off and never gave it to them. Did you have to give your bank account password? 
New ebay payments require SS#?
Ebay hasn't asked for my SS number (yet) but wants my bank account password in order to deposit my sales since it doesn't go to Paypal anymore. Is anyone actually giving out their password to Ebay? 
Is there any value in ultrasonically cleaning a record multiple times?
Not unless it wasn't cleaned properly the first time. Listen to it after one cleaning, then again after more cleanings.  
Is there any value in ultrasonically cleaning a record multiple times?
I'm not sure about your unit but no need to repeat the cleaning with my Audio Desk Systeme, as long as you handle them correctly and keep them clean. I put mine in new record sleeves once they are cleaned.  
transistor pre with the sound of tubes
Tube pre amp- easy peasy. Most pre amp tubes last a long time. A lot here run a tube pre with a transistor amp. You'll love it.  
Favorite obsolete formats.....
R2R, cassette and (FM) radio still very much alive here.