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tukan V's katan
The treble on the Tukans can be adjusted if you think that they are a bit bright. It's not a user adjustable modification, but a Linn dealer can do it for you. There is a reference to this in the Tukan's owner's manual. 
Linn Classik Afekt subwoofer
I've been running an Afekt with Linn Tukans. Nice combo provided that you adjust the factory settings on the sub. The Afekt is made to mate with Uniks, which are small. So the factory defaults set the crossover lower than is appropriate for larger... 
Best speaker sytem for Linn majik+mimik setup?
I had a Mimik and Majik driving Tukans. It's a nice combo. The newer Katans are similar. I later added an LK 85 to passively bi-amp the Tukans. Bass improved, background detail was increased and the Majik ran cooler with the LK 85 helping it. Howe... 
linn speaker ninka- active vs passive
Aktiv is the way to go with Linn. Your comments about the Linn sounding thin on the bass the first time you heard them is the same experience I had. However, once I played material with strong bass lines, specifically listening for it, I found tha... 
using different amps for Bi-amping ,any good ?? l
I think biwiring is system dependent. I use all Linn gear myself, which is made with the intention of upgrading: bi-wiring, then multi-amping passive, then multi-amping active. When I took a pair of single wired Linn speakers and bi-wired, I notic... 
Linn Tuner Modules for Kairn, etc.
I installed a Kudos tuner in my Majik. It goes in a Majik or Wakonda, but not a Kairn. I don't know about the Kolector as I'm not familiar with it. Since it is discontinued, it may be hard to find a new one that isn't already installed. When it is... 
Linn aktiv cards
Tukans and Katans use the same Aktiv cards. This information came from Linn's online customer helpline in response to another question which I had asked them. 
Lou Reed, Perfect Day?
"Perfect Day" is from Lou Reed's "Transformer" album. One of my favourites.