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Why the Blues Really Hit The Spot
Sometimes people enjoy being depressed and commiserating with friends "especially late at night with a good local beer", as you say. That's why they call it the blues.However, if you're in New Orleans and the blues has got you down, you just stop ... 
Are contact treatments worth the money?
Plugging and unplugging a few times every once in a while will work as well as any contact cleaner. A touch of Caig Pro Gold also works well. Spending hundreds of dollars gives no added value IMO. 
binding post break in
If you're hearing differences as a result of a binding post change, I don't think it's a burn-in issue. I would think it's a more like a cable/interconnect change issue. So, for example, people swap a copper interconnect for a silver one, or a sol... 
Surprising Backing Bands
Another moldy oldie from 1971: John Baldry's "It Ain't Easy" with Elton John on piano and Ron Wood on guitar. Production assistance by Rod Stewart. 
Always check
It sounds like the cartridge wasn't retipped at all. Maybe at the factory, it was accidentally put into the "retipped" box instead of the "to be retipped" box. Is there anyway you can check this possibility with a cartridge serial number (if there... 
Home theater crossover question
Like Kal said, the slope of the crossover is also important. That will take care of the 120 to 200 Hz range.However. also like Javachip says, if your sub is crossed over that high, you're going to localize it. Even more problematic in my view is t... 
Elvis Aaron Presley 1-8-35 8-16-77
If Elvis didn't die in '77, he would have had a heart attack and kicked the bucket later when he found out his daughter was marrying Michael Jackson. 
Are there taxes from items purchased in the UK?
You will pay a brokerage fee to whoever does the customs paperwork for you when they are imported. This fee can vary significantly depending on who does it. You can have the shipper do it or hire a separate brokerage firm to do it. You will also p... 
Bi-amping Snell Speakers Anyone?
My experience is that passive biamping does produce an improvement, but it is not huge relative to the cost of buying another amp. This is because you are still using the speaker's crossover. However, if you already have two amps, then it would be... 
Who makes a 4-way speaker besides Revel?
Linn make some speakers that are 4-way and can be bi-amped. This is one: 
Bi-amping Snell Speakers Anyone?
Doesn't sound right to me. If anything, I might have expected the bottom to be more prevalent. Switch the amps around to see if the same thing happens with the other amp on the top. 
man do I miss Tower records and
The comment by Billy Corgan in the post above is really sad. If artists only release singles, there will be pressure to focus on what is likely to be commercially successful. Music will become more Top 40 oriented and formulaic. That's fine so far... 
will adding a subwoofer improve overall audio
Heck, I was all set to write something and then I saw Bob's post. So I'll just second what he said. 
I have gone insane, need help
"If it's nay Scottish, it's crap". 
Dimly lit room: Plasma, LCD, or DLP
I agree that plasma has better blacks, contrast and brightness. However, for me, the larger pixels on plasmas are very irritating. Although they are only apparent on certain colours, when they are there, that's all I see. I can't seem to look past...