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Monoblock power amps same dedicated outlet?
Since you and I share the same amps but probably not the rest of the chain I will share what I did. I was told by .the Nordost rep it is best to power your system off one dedicated 20 amp circuit. So that's what I did  fortunately for my situation... 
Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor Gone?
I have a brick and mortar shop I like to work with. Don't get me wrong i purchase 2nd hand on Agon and USAM. But I still like the relationship that I developed over the years.I do dread that day when the owner says he's done and shutting down. We ... 
Moving cables around killed dynamics for days anyone else experience this?
Do you live in Illinois?  
Should I still buy a CD player? Suggest one?
river 251Sorry about the fire and your loss. I would not hesitate on getting a new CD player or transport/DAC combo. CDs will be around for quite some time even though Best buy is discontinuing them also I wouldn't listen to the vinyl only crowd t... 
Salk Songbird  
Fell asleep while TT was running with ortodoncia black cartridge!
My CEC TL2 has never had that problem LOL 
Cable septic
I was once a cable skeptic until I tried a much higher end cable brand to my" , budget brand" that I said " yeah this will be fine and work well".I am not promoting anything or dissing anything that is why I didn't mention any brand names.All I ca... 
Spread Spectrum Technologies
Thanks for the advice. I only asked because I received a offer from Underwood HiFi for the Ampzilla monoblocks and Ambrosia preamp. Closeout 50% in blue in stock. Just didn't want to get stupid and sell my Pass Labs 260.8 monos.Mark 
Spread Spectrum Technologies
geoffkaitEverything!I was asking about Ampzilla and their products. SST is the manufacturer of this product.Mark 
Replacing Manley Neo-Classic 300B
Look at the  deHavilland Ultravere 3 or the Mercury 3 preamps. It has a gold plated 32 stepped attenuator.I once had the Manley 300B myself, but my Ultravere 3 blows the Manley out of the water and at half the price.Mary 
Revel speakers - dealer scuttlebutt
I had the Revel F208s' nice fit and finish but in the end I found another brand that far surpassed them in detail, dynamics and soundstage. The brand is not"mainstream" that I currently have now plus they are not that much more than the F208s.Just... 
The imperfect amp: Pass or Ayre?
Haters gonna hate!Enjoy the music 
Is it the uneven lengths or cosmetic blemishes hurting me
Sold! A lesson learned I will never do a deal where there are uneven lengths or cosmetic damage on cable ever again. 
Is it the uneven lengths or cosmetic blemishes hurting me
I tried that Nordost will not shorten length anymore. If I'd it myself it would further devalue the cables 
Is it the uneven lengths or cosmetic blemishes hurting me
The damage is cosmetic flaw not a compromise to the electrical conductivity of the cable.Mark