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Is it the uneven lengths or cosmetic blemishes hurting me
tablejockeyI received them in a deal did with my dealer I am not the original owner.Maybe I will list them separately but considering retail on the lengths I have $2300.00 I'm listing them at $500.00. Thanks Mark 
Is it the uneven lengths or cosmetic blemishes hurting me
ebmBecause you don't like Nordost does not make it a mediocre cable.Thanks for your wisdom!Happy ListeningMark 
Is it the uneven lengths or cosmetic blemishes hurting me
ebmSo are you saying Nordost Heimdall is mediocre?Mark 
Cassette Decks in 2019
uberwaltz Do you have audible hiss? 
Cassette Decks in 2019
Sorry about my last post I accidentally hit post. But lack of parts or repair for this equipment is non-existent. Don't get me wrong I have heard some jaw dropping reel to reel recordings but that is a different animal.I don't do vinyl I'm current... 
Cassette Decks in 2019
I hate to be the 900 lb gorilla in the room, but why would one even consider cassette media would be worth listening too. Hiss ,dust ,maintenance and not to mention being a 
Do you guys like Adele's music?
Hmm let me think.....No! 
Is this sign of getting old?
If it's too loud you are too old! Just kidding and playing around.I recently turned 50☹️. As I'm writing this post I am listening to my second system I have amassed in my garage currently listening to 80s hairbands (I know not audiophile material ... 
What brands tend to have the worst resale value?
I was disappointed with what I sold my Manly Labs 300 Neoclasic preamp for,and how long it took to sell. I did get it at demo price but it still stung when I sold it. What I replaced it with ( not going to mention a name) I purchased used. Funny t... 
Business Ethics in the Audio Industry
I guess I won't be be buying that Schitt any time soon? 
Black Ash.....
Are we listening with our eyes or our ears dare I ask? 
I want a streamer
Happy Listening not birthday LOL! 
I want a streamer
I had the Bluesound Node and found it good until I tried and purchased the Lumiin D2 streamer. If you can swing the $2300.00 new I feel it's worth it. You may find it used but it won't last long on the used market.Happy birthdayMark 
Can one ever be "done" in this hobby?
I have amassed a very nice system to date. DeHavilland UV3 preampLumiin D2 streamer Rega Saturn R CD player / DAC ( currently using as a DAC) My treasured CEC TL2 CD transportPass Labs 260.8 monoblocksRythmik F12 subsAudio Physic Tempo plus speake... 
hi End
What he said hind end!