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Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKIII
Yes I was considering the 300B version but opted for the EL34.I sold my MKII with the stock tubes keeping my vintage tube complement.Tube rectifier is a 1945 RCA 5AR4GY with hanging filament,power tubes are Genalex KT77's,and signal tubes are Tung... 
used Integrated tube amp under $1500 for Klipsch Cornwall III's?
Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKII.Would be a seamless match and well within your price range.Read the reviews. 
Audience 2V+
These are very special.Superb fit and finish if you appreciate a high gloss look.Paired with a Dynamo 34SE MKII / APL DSD DAC / CEC Transport.At 8 wpc the Dynamo matched nicely and provided the necessary grunt on difficult musical passages.Female ... 
Preamplifier Recommendation for Innersound Eros Speakers
I had the Innersound passive stats for years,powered by Bryston with an Audio Research LS15 tube pre.My opinion,a tube pre simply fleshes out the music.Heat generation and maintenance not an issue. 
How does the PS Audio Perfectwave Transport Stack up against the Esoteric P-03?
Charles it's unfortunate you were the target of such a petty comment.Over the years I have appreciated your input and commentary on audio components. 
Looking for a low heat tube amp
Based on your criteria I would suggest the Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKII.Rated at 8 wpc it has high current and will easily power 88dB and above.Generates minimal heat,exceptional sound staging.Highly acclaimed in enjoy the music and abso... 
Which EL34 is your favorite and why?
Golden Lion KT77's and I've tried them all. 
Not impressed
Building a system is kinda like a marriage,gotta keep working at it until you get it right.But unlike a marriage when the amp leaves it doesn't take half. 
Integrated Amp Recommendation
Unless you are emotionally attached to the amp,move on,lots of new and accomplished Integrated amps at the 2K price point. 
Preamp Input for Coincident system - Don Sachs, deHavilland, LTA, Joule Electra?
+1 on the TRUTH.It replaced my Coincident Statement line stage,now available with dual power supplies and comes with remote.Ed will tailor it to your needs.Stoopid good for the price.You're certainly welcome to pm me if you need to discuss further. 
Preamp Advice for my System
You really should consider a tube pre amp. 
Reasonably Priced 6CA7 NOS (or even good used old stock) Tubes Available Anywhere?
Genalex Golden Lion KT 77 +1 
Pre amps cost vs. value ... what I discovered last month.
+1 for Brian,your comments have that ring of truth to them.I agree,there is a multitude of ridiculously over priced pre amps that simply do not make it happen. 
To Finish modding or not
After market mods are worth about .10 cents on the dollar at re sale.Unless you are emotionally attached to your amp sell it and move on. 
Can a power cord increase the resolution of an Class D (SMPS) amp by more than 5% ?
Directionality in a power cord,that's fake news folks.