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Anyone else having issues with the Ayon CD-07s transport?
The transport failure issue is not unique to the 07,it can be found in all of the earlier models.Knowing a transport replacement would be north of $900 I was so paranoid the transport would fail on my 5s I sold it.Somethings are just not worth the... 
What's best CD player one piece price no object
Interesting mix of opinions.No Ayon or Esoteric spinners? 
PS Audio Direct Stream JR
Hard for me to believe that using Junior as a pre amp is more musical than an accomplished pre amp.Even the senior,which I now own,sounds more fleshed out when using the volume control of my Coincident Integrated.Believe what your ears say not hea... 
Just Got My Oppo 205!
Like all equipment it requires burning in,maybe several hundred hours. 
First time tube integrated buy
Jadis is French so of course it would be difficult non! 
First time tube integrated buy
If the efficiency of your speakers is at least 90 dB I would suggest a look at the Coincident Technology Dynamo SE MKII.Very accomplished Integrated.Many favorable professional and consumer reviews. 
Should I eliminate my preamp?
Any DAC or digital front end I've ever used as volume control simply,and I've owned some expensive ones,doesn't have the rich fullness of a top tier tube pre amp. 
Anyone listen to the new Audio Horizons VRX preamp?
Hi guys,Has been a very long time.I sold my TP-20 to a local audio buddy many years ago and he's still happy with it today.It was originally Pats (RX8man)Will have to look at Joseph's new offering.Be well. 
Should I eliminate my preamp?
Fake news 
Power Cord for Pass Int 60-Under 1K used
I've owned and auditioned multiple $$$$ after market pc's.The most accomplished in my system,and not your flavor of the month,are Joseph Chows Audio Horizons pc and the Silver Ghost by Mark Tunis. 
Magnepan 3.7i Amplifiers Aesthetix or Modwright? Thoughts?
You may want to consider Bryston,that is the amp Magnepan reps use to demo their speakers. 
Help with next upgrade
I believe the market is trending in favor of premium Integrated amps.Not suggesting that separates are tanking,the sand box is big enough for many players.I'm currently enjoying a Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKII which in my system is as goo... 
Need passive aggressive advice
I have a TRUTH,very detailed and musical.As mentioned it is not passive,but a buffered pre amp.Definitely worth an audition and Ed is great to deal with. 
Any Bryston 4B3 amp owners out there?
Having owned multiple models of Bryston amps over the years and more recently a 4B3 I can say this is a wonderful amp and clearly a more evolved design than its' predecessors.That said,pairing with a quality tube pre amp is essential in providing ... 
EL34 equivalent tube types
I have a Dynamo 34SE MKII which has more grunt than the original.Have used Black Treasures,Siemens and Gold Lion KT77s'.All good but my favorite is the KT 77's.