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Is upgrading worth it?
If you're continually upgrading and become less satisfied with the result you need to be "A" doing more research and"B"auditioning,providing of course you are residing in an urban environment. 
Current Delivery for Magnepans
I've owned several models of Magnepans over the years and I agree wth your observation that current/power requirements for Magnepans have been overstated.My amp of choice was Bryston,natural synergy between the products.Also,paired a Cary V-12 wit... 
Audio Research Corp Ref 5 SE
Think I'll wait until the REF 6. 
Ayon Spirit-1 compared to Ayon Orion
The China question has been raised before.On the rear panel of an Ayon product you will see "Austria" in print.My understanding of international commerce is if the product is solely manufactured in the country of origin it can be labeled "Made in ... 
How Many Audiophiles Have Do You Know?
I've never met an audiophile or a serial killer. 
Budget Chinese Tube amps - any good?
On your budget a Dynaco ST 70 by Will Vincent or Bob Latino is where you should be looking. 
Does your system take you there or...?
I'm of the opinion that the pursuit of excellence is encrypted in the DNA of an audiophile.With that thought don't we all want the musicians to be here as opposed to us being there? Why else would you spend a gazillion dollars on audio gear,unless... 
Tube AMP or SS
"Tubes are generally better at voltage drive while SS is better at current" and to finish this statement,voltage driven produces even harmonics as opposed to SS which produces uneven harmonics. 
New amp recommendations
Pairing a REF 3 with the Onkyo would be like mounting Walmart tires on a Ferrari.A more balanced approach,consider an Audio Research tube amp at the 2K to 3K price point. 
Bryston 14B ST vs 14B SST?
Several years ago I had the same question.I called Bryston and spoke with Brian Russell Brystons' founder about the differences.If my memory serves me correctly he advised that the 14BST was in production on or about the same time the company had ... 
Why does Cary Audio keep discontinuing good amps?
It's not just Cary,as suggested by others.What we lose sight of as audio enthusiasts is that audio companies are a business whose primary goal is to make money,if not for themselves than the shareholder.In order to achieve this goal,like the car i... 
Anyone used VS-110 with KT120 for extended period?
Flip Brent Jesse an e-mail or access his web site and you will get an informed opinion. 
Why 24/7 warm-up period on amps?
That's a very "folksy" opinion. 
Hovland HP200i
Of course it's unique Hovland is no longer. 
Preamp Suggestions to replace a CJ PV-12AL
Playing the devils advocate here.Don't get caught up in the after market mods,when it comes time to sell,and it will,cos that's the nature of this addiction,you'll get back about.25 cents on the dollar.My experience,wait for one that is already mo...