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Magnepan 1.7 too bright, HELP
Your problem is simple,you have Ferrari speakers running on WalMart tires.Providing you have the financial resources you most definitely should replace the source and the amp.Cable upgrades will help but improvements will be less than dramatic.I a... 
soulution owners cables recomendations?
The cabling products offered by Audio Sensibility are as good as it gets. If you are interested in specifics flip me a pm. 
who makes auto biasing tube amps w/200 wpc
Space Tech Labs.Hand crafted in Vancouver.Hybrid ss/tube with auto bias.I own one,it rocks.Flip me a pm if you are interested in technical particulars. 
Your best ''outstanding'' products in last 5 yrs?
Audio Horizons tube pre ampAyon CD2s 
Help with hum
Been there.Save yourself some grief and borrow or steal another pre amp,plug it in the system and if the hum disappears you will have identified or eliminated the pre amp as the source. 
Health Effects of Acoustic Revive RR-77?
No.It's "a fool and his money are soon partying" 
Health Effects of Acoustic Revive RR-77?
Well I'm probably the most skeptical guy on the planet when it comes to audio accessories.I bought one last year after demoing a friends and there is a definite subtle improvement in the musical presentation.As for health benefits,na thats a bit o... 
Does a tube preamp warm up sound of SS amp?
In response to Ptmconsultings'comment I couldn't disagree more.Bryston amps and Magnepans have a natural synergy and a history of being paired by their respective manufacturers at audio shows and by dealers that feature both products.Inclusion of ... 
How is Supratek Chardonnay compared to Cary SPL-98
I owned the Supratek Syrah,which as I understand is similar in performance to the Chardonnay excepting that it has a phono stage.It replaced the Cary,in my system it was simply better a pre amp. 
SS against Tube Preamp
Mark Levinson and Krell are not necessarily the best examples of high quality solid state amps. 
Red Wine Audio Isabella Synergy
My comments are specific to the superiority of the Red Wine 30.2 amp in comparison to the Wyred amps for pairing with the Isabella. 
Red Wine Audio Isabella Synergy
Personally from my exposure to both amps you would be disappointed with the Wyred 4 Sound in comparison to the new Red Wine 30.2 LFV-P Edition.It lists at $2900.My recommendation is based on the assumption that you have relatively efficient speakers. 
Tube Research Labs Dude vs. Shindo Labs preamps
Well I suppose purgatory is better than addiction. 
Tube Research Labs Dude vs. Shindo Labs preamps
This should be good. 
Best preamp for 2k-3k
Strictly personal here,I've enjoyed a Calypso,Cary 98L,VTL 5.5,Audio Reseach LS 26,Supratek Syrah.My personal favourite and an uptick from the aforementioned is my Audio Horizons tube line stage.It's within your price point and the company offers ...