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merlin vsm owners , what is your room size ?
Thank you all for your inputsI use my Merlin vsm MMe, Master BAM & Master RC, AA Prestige SACD, ARS Fila SE or Pathos Logos or Exposure 3010S2 pre/power (tonal quality is same in all three amps , all equally good), all Cardas GR, Equi Tech 2rq... 
What is the best speaker for a small room 10X11
nothing can beat Merlin VSM in a small room 
Pathos logos strong enough to drive winds?
Exposure 3010 will drive winds beautifully . It's cheap too 
SS amps for merlin vsm
tried Exposure 3010 with Merlin VSM and it was beautiful....i think the best Full SS amp i heard with Merlin ..110Watts 
Replace my Berning ZH-270?
Blackwillard, you said it right... thats the only answer to the merlin owners who are sad...and keep changing amps and cables... 
Merlin VSM-M and Bass
51 inches from the wall behind them, from front baffle ...6 feet apart tweeter to tweeter ...34 inches from the side wall to center of front a room of 20feet long *12feet wide *9 feet heigh 
RCA IC for Pathos Logos & Marantz SA-11
used audience au 24 (not the "e" which is less warm) 
SS amps for merlin vsm
after trying many solid state amps and having ARS Fila i tried pathos logosPATHOS LOGOS sounded beautiful with merlin vsm mme, AA prestige and all cardas golden reference cables..I did an audition in my room .. brought it today... couldint be happ... 
Review: BOW Technologies ZZ-1 Amplifier
Hii was planning to buy one seeing your drive my merlin VSM.... how is the sound is it valve that 75 watts enough for your speakersthanks 
SS amp for Merlin VSMs?
.i found SOLID STATE audiolab 8000 pre / power ..better than ARS sonum fila se 
SS amps for merlin vsm
.audiolab is now owned by Spendoramps that match with merlins usually matches with Merlinsmay be thats the majik 
SS amps for merlin vsm
.simple solid state amp that will go close to EL 34 mid and KT 88 bassand thats AUDIOLAB 8000 C/P (pre=class A/powclass AB)the best solid state i have heard with merlin vsm irrespective of any price rangethe compination shines and it outperformes ... 
SS amps for merlin vsm
i found the right amp ,,,solid state / tube = AUDIOLAB 8000 C pre + 8000 P power UNBELIVABLE .. very cheap thats the disadvantage...... BEST MATCH solid state for merlin vsm mme irrespective of price range 
SS amps for merlin vsm
I tried musical fidelity A5 (low damping factor) power amp with modwright valve pre amp and the sound was really very goodtried A5 integrated amp also.... didint like harmonics 
Best Speaker for audiophile-grade small room rig
merlin vsm