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Neil Young Concert tonight - free streaming
thanks for the post 
New in 2017
here is a cut from Black Swan Lane's new album called ":Stop to Smile" 
New in 2017
Just picked up Black Swan Lane's "Under My Fallen Sky" Definitely one of my favorites of the year. BSL is an indie band based in Atlanta. Originally the band had members of The Chameleons UK and the Sun and Moon so they have that Manchester shoega... 
Best music of 2017
Sorry, I meant Filthy Friends- Invitation 
Best music of 2017
Ride- Weather DiariesDream Syndicate- How Did I Find Myself Here?Filthy Animals- InvitationLuna- Sentimental EducationOn a side note, Culture Factory is releasing Rare Earth- In Concert in cd format next week. Recorded in 1972, IMO this is one of ... 
After a (weeks) worth of listening...
Ride- "Weather Diaries"Snarky Puppy- "Culcha Vulcha"Kings of Leon- "Mechanical Bull"Madman Across the Water is a great album. Tumbleweed Connection is also a fantastic one from the same era. 
walter becker Rest in Peace
This is sad news. I was trying to think of my favorite Becker solos. I think that it is probably "Green Earrings". I also like his solo albums. He had a terrific sense of humor..  
New in 2017
here is an interesting new release scheduled for 8/25: Filthy Friends- "Invitation" This is an alternative super group with members of REM, and Sleater-Kinney. You can definitely hear Peter Buck's guitar influence. 
Thoughts on Aimee Mann....
I really like the f&##smilers album. I also got turned onto her in the Til Tuesday days. I remember reading an interview with them where on their 2nd album they used Rhett Davies as a producer because they admired the sound from Roxy Music's "... 
What are you listening to right now?
Chicago- Live in Japan 
New in 2017
Here is another new release worth noting from Strand of Oaks called "Hard Love". I think that they are from Seattle and remind me of My Morning Jacket, electric Neil Young with a bit of Screaming Trees grunge thrown in. They opened for MMJ this Sp... 
New in 2017 is the first single from the Dream Syndicates’ first album since 1988 called "How Did I find myself Here". Clocking in at 11 minutes, it probably won’t get radio airplay. However, if you like the paisley undergroun... 
Hotlanta: Best Shops for used Vinyl
I just checked and BLT Steak has closed at the W. I would go to Rathbun's on Krog Street. Great happy hour, great food. Kevin Rathbun is one of the top chefs in the country. He also has a steak restaurant. 
Hotlanta: Best Shops for used Vinyl
There are two in Little 5 Points: Wax N' Fax and Criminal Records.  Wax N' Fax is where Peter Buck from REM used to work. Little 5 Points has a funky vibe and is fun to walk around- just don't wear a suit. There is an old movie theater in Little 5... 
The eternal quandary size versus sensitivity versus quality!! Help wanted!!
You ought to look at Silverline minuets. They fit your requirements and are only $699 new. Well reviewed.