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Optimum positioning for KEF 104.2s
Wow, great to know that your 104.2's are still working. Mine died after 30 years of sweet sounds. I preferred the 104.2's out from the front wall and away from the side walls as much as possible. I prefer this for most speakers but furniture place... 
Best Footers for DAC?
I like Stillpoints SS minis under my N10. I preferred them over Symposium Rollerballs. I do like a Symposium Svelte Shelf under every component. 
McIntosh Mx151 vs. Krell Foundation vs Arcam AV 860
I have a McIntosh MX136 and MX121 and have had a MX120. They have all worked flawlessly. I also have had 3 Arcam HT processors and all 3 died. Never again Arcam for me. I have never owned Krell.  
Please recommend a McIntosh preamp
When I had a MC352, I had it paired with a C2300. I like the sound of a tube preamp with all the power of a SS amp. 
Not Enough Options for Auditioning Speakers
I would 2nd Gooses recommendation of going to Suncoast Audio in Sarasota. Mike the owner, has just opened his new store and it is filled with fantastic audio components. He is very easy to deal with and is very knowledgeable about audio products. ... 
Newest Aqusition, McIntosh MA6600 Integrated
I have also purchased a lot of McIntosh gear from Audio Classics. A great bunch of guys to do business with. It is only about 100 miles for me though. When my son lived in Binghamton, I would buy a new piece every time I visited. 
Amp for Acoustic Zen Crescendo 2 ?
I had the upgraded Crescendo 1's for a few years. I loved those speakers. It was difficult to replace them with something I liked even better. I used both a tube and SS amps with them. I preferred the SS with more power but only by a slight margin... 
KEF 104.2 vs Tannoy Eyris 3 Wich one Better For Jazz & Acoustic music?
Tannoy's may be better if you can still get parts for them. I am not sure if they are as old as KEF 104.2 are. My 104.2's are over 32 years old and a couple of the drivers don't work anymore. I was not able to purchase any exact replacement driver... 
$10K-15K short list?
I really liked pairing Acoustic Zen Crescendo speakers with my McIntosh gear. Listen to them if you get a chance. 
mcintosh home theater pre-amp tuners.
Most of my audio equipment also came from Audio Classics, I am close enough to drive there as well as listen and pick up. Great bunch of guys there. 
mcintosh mc602
Whenever I have heard the MC602 I have been impressed with the power and sound but the amp is a beast in weight and size and I could see hurting myself trying to move it. I am able to move two MC601's individually.  
mc452 vs 601 vs. pair mc275 for classical music
I had one MC352 then two MC352's, then switched to two MC601 monos which I preferred. I then tried one MC275 v6 and then added a second MC275 v6 run in mono to compare. I liked them all but with a direct comparison with a C2300 preamp my favorite ... 
mcintosh home theater pre-amp tuners.
If you are using the MX132 only for 2 channel listening, I believe you will hear significant improvement in sound quality matching a dedicated McIntosh preamp with your MC602. I tried a MX136 against a C2300 and it wasn't even close for 2 channel.  
Audia Flight FL phono vs Avid Pulsare
pani, I am not the best at describing in words what I hear. I just know what my preferences are. I didn't want to keep the Audia Flight. When I purchased the C1100 I thought I could free up space in my rack. This was not the case as the Audia Flig... 
Jazz LP Review: Lyn Stanley's The Moonlight Sessions Vol.1
I just received my copy last week, # 8 out of 2000 of the one step pressing. It sounds excellent and has a very quiet background. I am now waiting for the new direct to disc record from Anne Bisson to be released.