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HAP-Z1ES compared to OPPO 205D
ptss, I think you meant to post Oppo 105D since the UDP 205 isn’t out yet and most likely won’t stream music directly like the 105D does. I have a 105D and it does a pretty good job streaming Tidal and Pandora but for me the best use is streaming ... 
Do I need a power conditioner?
I never thought a power conditioner could help my audio system until I purchase one. I noticed an instant improvement and all the power coming into my house is relatively new. I also noticed the better the power conditioner the better the sound, m... 
Looking at a used pair of B&W 803's - what else should I be considering?
When I had 803D's they liked good power, the more the better. 
To monoblock or not to monoblock McIntosh MC275's
I had two MC275 mk6's. For me their was a substantial improvement in sound quality from playing one in stereo and then trying two as mono's. I found even more improvement when I upgraded all 22 tubes. I compared them also to my MC601 mono's. For m... 
Modding Synergistic Research MPC to Galileo status
I also had Michael perform his magic on my stock MPC. It made more of an improvement than I could have hoped for. I would recommend this upgrade to everyone with a stock MPC. 
What settings do people use with Lyra cartridges?
I like my Lyra Kleos set at 100 ohms the best. 
recommendations of phono preamps < $3000 range
Audia Flight, you may be able to find a good used one in your price range. 
I purchased some Anti-cables a few years ago. I didn't hear any improvement in sound but I didn't pay very much for them. When I sold some Pardigm speakers I through in the Anti-cables for free. The new owner told me after a week listening that he... 
Mcintosh and Shunyata Research/Cardas
Mepstein, you have purchased some very fine gear. I am also a McIntosh fan. I have used a Hydra 8 with my McIntosh gear and didn't find that much of an improvement in sound quality. You most likely will get more of an improvement with some of the ... 
Power cable for Arcam AVR400
I would stop my search for a power cable at the Shunyata Diamondback. I think you are limited with the improvements that a better power cable can do with the AVR400. I think you will get more bang for the buck with an improved HT amp or pre-pro. I... 
Opinions on PMC vs. Neat, Monitor Audio
I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the PMC dinky box speakers. They sound so much larger than they are. When I heard them they were connected to a McIntosh 602 amp, so they can handle plenty of power. 
Acoustic Zen Sartori - my experience
It looks like that I am mistaken, and that AZ does make Absolute Copper speaker cables they just don't have them on their website yet. Joey, sorry I misunderstood. I thought you were comparing cables at different price points and not the differenc... 
Acoustic Zen Sartori - my experience
Joey, like wlutke, I don't believe you are comparing apples to apples in your comparison of speaker cables, vastly different price range. I find AZ satori speaker cables to be a good value, I find AZ Hologram II's to sound better for me at a small... 
Power cable recommendations under $1k
I prefer Acoustic Zen Krakatoa power cables for components and Acoustic Zen Gargantua II power cables for amps. It is impossible to compare again everything out there but I have compared them to most of the Wireworld line. 
Do you clean your records before play, after play, or once (and then never again)?
I also clean every new or used record before I play it the first time on my KL Audio and put it in a new sleeve with the date that I cleaned it. The next time I play the record I generally don't clean it again before or after, I probably should do...