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A CD/SACD player to beat Oppo 105D at similar price range?
I have a Oppo 105D. It is a great universal player. I use it for movies, video concerts, as a connection to my cable box, Tidal, Pandora and to connect with my NAS. I find it does a good job with CDs and SACDs but not as good as a dedicated qualit... 
How do I power my 800D(3)s
Matt, I have never owned 800D3s but have owned 803Ds. For me the B&W's sounded best with lots of power behind them. The more power I gave them the better they sounded and I don't listen at loud levels. For example, I had them paired with one M... 
Kef 104.2 Speakers. Suggestions Discussion Forum
The update on this posting brought back fond memories of my old 104.2s. They are now 32 years old but they don't work anymore. Coils on woofers are shot and tweeters are dried up. My son is using them as art stands. Loved those speakers. They repl... 
Interconnect cables for turntable
I also have a VPI Classic 3. I have Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper cables with locking RCAs between my TT and phono pre amp. Between the phono pre amp and the pre amp I still use the AZ Absolute Copper cables but with XLR connections. They don’t com... 
Clear Day vs Acoustic Zen
Oleschool, I am also a fan of Acoustic Zen. Robert Lee has also been a big help to me. I have AZ cables on everything. If you are using Tsunami power cords you may want to try some Krakatoas. I really noticed improvements in sound quality with the... 
Bi-Amp v. Uneven Speaker Cable Runs (Pass Labs B&W 802D)
I prefer to keep my speaker wires short and run longer lengths of IC to the amps. Using monos now but have used 2 stereo amps to bi-amp in the past. 
Clear Day vs Acoustic Zen
I admit to being an AZ fan. If my choice was between AZ Satori shotguns and AZ Hologram II single wire, I would go with the AZ Hologram IIs and use jumpers. They both cost about the same but for me the sound was much fuller with the Hologram IIs.  
Refurbished vs New
Arnoland, I have purchased many Arcam products in the past and have liked the way they sounded but did not like the way they all broke down over a couple of years, especially the digital ones. I would suggest you purchase an Oppo player. 
Anyone listen to Pandora lately?
I have an old Roku with the free Pandora on it and it sounds better than I would have thought for background music. I tried Pandora though my MacBook and thought it sounded terrible. I can't explain why. 
Norah Jones
I listened to Day Breaks last night on vinyl and also found it somewhat boring. I didn't even flip to the second side. Maybe with all the hype on this album I was expecting more. The sound quality was worse than I was expecting. I will get around ... 
Update power cord
I am a believer of upgraded power cords after listening with my own ears but in your case the cost may not be worth it. I would spend the money on a better amp. I think you will notice more of an improvement with a better amp and then trying a bet... 
Need Suggestions for speakers up to $15K new/used
Since the Raidho speakers really appealed to you they would most likely be the best speaker for you. In that price range I also like the Acoustic Zen Crescendos as a full range speaker. 
Solid State preamp to mate with McIntosh MC-252 power amp
Since you are looking for a preamp for when watching TV, I would suggest a used McIntosh MX120 or MX135 at that price point. 
Shorten my speaker cables?
I am a fan of Acoustic Zen cables. I have tried and prefer their Hologram II single ended over the Satori shotguns and they even cost less. You can often find them used on this site. 
Is a Sub required for HT
I like a sub in my HT system for movie effects but I don't like a sub in my 2 channels system with full range speakers.