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What used speaker would you buy with $20,000-$35,000 and why?
I would also recommend a used pair of Sonus Faber Stradavaris if you have the space. They are quiet wide. 
I'm a Consumer Reports sort of guy. Is there a pla
I find McIntosh amps and preamps to be very reliable and very good sounding. The only problem I had with a McIntosh amp was that a couple of light bulbs burned out. The amp was over 20 years old and otherwise still played perfectly.  
Acoustic Zen wow bright?
I find the WOW to be an exceptional cable for the cost. I use them on my HT processor to my amp. When you need 8 interconnects it's a very good value. For 2 channel I like my AZ Absolute Copper interconnects but they are much more expensive. 
Isolation platform - Gingko vs Mapleshade
I really like my Symposium Segue ISO platform for my VPI Classic 3 TT. I purchased it in a large size. 
Running All Your Cables with The same Brand
I prefer all cables being the same brand. My brand is Acoustic Zen though. 
What are your favorite speaker finishes?
Rosewood glossy or matt for me. Second choice glossy black. These colors seem to go with everything. 
SACD & other Formats
To my older ears I prefer vinyl over everything else. The main problem for me with vinyl is that there is not to much newer music that is available. I then must use SACD/CDs. I tend to not listen to digital and analog during the same listening ses... 
Which Mc better Mid/High performance in BiAmp set up?
I had B&W 803ds and they sounded better to me with the more power I gave them. Had one MC352 switched to 2 MC352s bi-amped and this was better. Then went to MC601 monos. This was best for me. My experience is that B&Ws love lots of power. 
Floor Stander with Small Footprint 7K - 15K
I looked for a pair of narrow speakers myself for a smaller room and purchased a pair of Audio Physic Classic 30's. They are only about 7" wide and 16" deep. Sound great to me. I a larger room like yours I would most likely prefer a larger speaker... 
Audio Physic Virgo 25
I have AP Classic 30s. I connected them to 2 McIntosh MC275 tube amps in mono and 2 McIntosh MC601 SS amps in mono and preferred the MC601s. I admit to being more of a SS fan even though I rarely listen at over 6 watts. Just my preference. 
Lyra Delos or Helicon versus Soundsmith Zephyr
I had a Soundsmith Zephyr which was made and labeled for my VPI TT. Sounded great to me but I am always looking to upgrade so switched to a Lyra Kleos. I do prefer the Kleos but it is quite a bit more expensive. 
Anti-cables Level 3 v. Acoustic Zen products
Soundqcar, I am using AZ Hologram II for 2 channel and AZ Epoch for HT (much longer runs). Very happy with both. 
JL Audio 2nd sub - mix match F112 and F113?
I had 2 F113s in my 2 channel system and 1 F112 in my HT system. I found I listened more to my 2 channel system with my full range speakers than with the 2 F113s so I moved one of them to the HT system with the F112, it sounded fine to me but I de... 
KEF 104/2 woofer replacement?
I couldn't find the factory replacement drivers for mine, and didn't want to change why I bought them, so I don't use them anymore. I did use them for 28 years so I am not complaining. 
Anti-cables Level 3 v. Acoustic Zen products
I had Anti cables a couple of years ago on my speakers. I don't remember the Level. I think they only had one level at the time. I wasn't that impressed with them sonically and didn't like how stiff they were to move around. They may have changed ...