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Using a REL Storm with a Spectrum Amp?
Rwwear: The Neutrik option is one of two, the other being a Y connection from the RCA preamps out. The difference is the Neutrik cable is way longer and allows more placement options for the sub than the preamp-out option. 
Amp for VR4SR
I am very pleased with the Spectron Musician 3SE, now an MK2, running my 4 Seniors. Plenty of muscle to make them sing! I'm currently using a Belles 28A pre (SS), but also use a Modwright 9SE (tube) on occasion. The Spectron is sensitive to IC cab... 
Lie you told your wife to buy equipment?
"No Honey, I'm not selling it...I'm packing it up to send it in for a tune-up." Translation: Sending it in for an upgrade. 
Spectron III SE vs. Signature III SE MK2
Regarding break in for the MK2 upgrade: What do you suppose is the 'window' of time needed when looking at two scenarios: just having the amp on 24/7 with 1-2 hrs of play time per day vs. having a source playing through it 24/7? I need to balance ... 
Add a subwoofer to Von Schweikert 4Srs?
Thank you all for the advice. Now that it's the weekend I can try a few of your suggestions before actually trying a sub. First off, on the issue of speaker placement and room acoustics, I've been less than thorough at looking at that. We are in t... 
Add a subwoofer to Von Schweikert 4Srs?
Driver:Question well taken. I'm using a Spectron Musician IIISE, now in for the MKII upgrade, so I'm confident I'm on solid ground. Like I said, I love bass. This character flaw has recently been exacerbated when I attended a live music festival a... 
SS Preamp with Balance Control
Belles 28A.I have one in my system, replacing a Modwright 9.0SE and a Conrad Johnson 16LS before that. No complaints. Leave it on all the time. Not your typical SS pre if you like the sound of a tubed pre. 
Manu Katche
Brainwater: I couldn't agree more. He has a way of carving up a simple time signature in so many ways...always keeping the listener engaged. What I find especially appealing about his two latest ECM releases, is that he uses wraped wood dowels and... 
Von Schweikert 4SR...bi-wire or Remote Sense?
Nick778: Hmmmmm. If I were you, I'd run your idea past Simon at Spectron if you haven't already. Please let us know how your idea pans out. 
Von Schweikert 4SR...bi-wire or Remote Sense?
Thanks Ejlif. Of course, the easy though slightly risky path would be to just buy the Remote Sense cables (used - about 60 cents on the dollar), try and keep or resale. Decisions, decisions. 
State of the art speakers from yesteryear.
Polk Audio SDA series. 
Spectron Musician III SE Mk.2? What Changed?
So, how many Spectron IIISE owners are seriously...seriously considering getting the MK2 upgrade? (If I lived in Chatsworth I'd be knocking at their front door tomorrow.) 
What is the story with Rega Appolo?
Check out the Cambridge Audio 840C...a steal for the money. 
Rachmaninoff, Symphony No. 3 in A minor, Opus 44?
This is great. I'm getting goose bumps and I haven't even set foot in the record store yet. Thanks again. 
tube preamp for paradigm studio 100s v.3
I used a Modwright 9.0SE with Paradigm Studio 100s V3 for a couple of years....VERY happy with the sound. The unit uses two 5687s and tube rolling gives you many options. You should be able to pick up a used Modwright (basic edition with remote) f...