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Chroma Key "Graveyard Mountain Home"
If you like Chroma Key check out OSI's self-titled debut from a few years ago. Kinda a "supergroup" of metal-prog with Kevin Moore (Chroma Key keyboards). Also Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre drums) and Jim Matheos (Fates Warning guitar) and Sean Malo... 
Red Trumpet still in business?
I would *definitely* call the credit card company and attempt to have them stop payment. The chances of getting anything out of the court are slim to none. Way too many vultures ahead in the pecking order awaiting to extract their pennies on the d... 
What is Audio Researches best preamp period
Nah. I just dismissed the Ref3 after 2 weeks in the system. Same way I dismissed the LS5mkIII/Ref1/Ref2. To my ears they simply don't have the bloom the L5mkII has. Maybe it's because I'm driving two ARC SS amps (D-400mkII). It started with the LS... 
What is Audio Researches best preamp period
LS5mkII. Period. 
What's a Triode configuration?
Audiogabby - sounds like you have a gain mismatch as opposed to an impedance mismatch. An impedance mismatch will usually result in prematurely rolled-off bass and treble. You are seemingly describing overloading the input stage of your amp. You n... 
How do I go backwards?
Sell your SCD-1, Nordost cabling, Aesthetix preamp and one Plinius amp. Keep your Dunlavy's and one Plinius. Buy a fairly inexpensive used SACD/CD player (assuming you have SACDs of course) with built-in volume control, wire up with Canare product... 
I'm in heaven:just got Pass X 250,5
Just wait until the 250.6 comes'll be even more amazed!!!! 
Why does Denon 3910 default to PCM for sacds?
I assume this is only the case if you are in MCH mode correct? In 2CH it's always DSD? 
What is the definition of SACD -noobQ-
It should stand for:'S'tay 'A'way unless 'C'lassical 'D'oes it for you... 
RCA to XLR interconnect wiring diagram
My experience is the same as spfury's. I use the wiring I suggested above with all of my unbalanced source components RCA outs (DVD, VCR, TV) into my balanced preamp XLR ins with not a sign of noise even with the gain at max. I think you're fine a... 
RCA to XLR interconnect wiring diagram
If the component with XLRs is IEC-compliant use pin 2 for all signal wires and send two ground wires each to pins 1/3. 
What haven't you listened to in a long time, but..
Foreigner 4. Probably one of my first 10 CDs. I almost forgot that these guys used to rock. Even the pointing-to-the-adult-contemporary-future tune "I've been waiting for a girl like you" sounded fresh. Lou Gramm was an awesome vocalist. 
Perfect Soundtrack for Stylish Sunday Lunch?
Try this one on for size:Pat Metheny's soundtrack to the Italian film "Passagio Per Il Paradiso"Very different from his PMG and solo stuff.Absolutely beautiful and heartfelt music.I think it will fit the mood of your gathering perfectly. 
Do you remember your first cd?
1) Rush - "Moving Pictures"2) Mark Knopfler - "Local Hero"3) Yes - "The Yes Album"Eventually upgraded the Rush/MP to MoFi ultradisc and the Yes/YA to Atlantic remaster.Still have Knopfler disc. So sublime that one. 
Audiogon identifier at Stereophile show?
Nah. McSorleys is too touristy. If you want to hang with the pros Blind Tiger is the place. Hudson/w10th.