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Recommendations for used CD player
Wait for the new Oppo 205 ;) 
Interesting Magico news
Wilson use separate modules to isolate drivers from internal standing waves. Wilson Benesch use different design solutions depending on the model. The closest model in size/cost to the S5 Mk2 (Act One Evolution) uses a separate ported midrange/twe... 
Proac 1sc vs. Reference 3a mm decapo i
jaybo4,478 posts06-04-2008 11:28pmfor moitors, the new proac 2, is the ticket...then the reference and then the 1 Good advice 
George good point about leaving the room whilst burn in cd's are running George. I plan to run mine while i'm at work or out of the house. The pops and squeeks drive me crazy!  
George, I own an (expensive) PAD Luminist system conditioning cd. So you're saying it just works on a human level & doesn't actually do what they claim (ie: accelerate the burn in process & do a more thorough job)? Sorry for the slight sid... 
Awesome new cables from Jorma Design!
I previously owned a full loom of Origo, including biwire sc’s & thought they were a great match with my previous Boulder 1060 & heavily modded Ayon CD-5s (as linestage). With some tubes in the mix, Origo is a good choice due to their neut... 
the best amp to run the bass of infinity RS-1b's
jafant5,368 posts01-20-2017 9:12amYou do have an incredible system- melbguy1Happy Listening!Cheers Jafant! 
the best amp to run the bass of infinity RS-1b's
dayradebaugh4 posts01-18-2017 12:39amGood suggestion, hadn't thought of that.  They're out in Colorado, and would be worth a trip from here in Kansas.  Have you followed the discussions and videos from Paul McGowan as he set up his IRS V's? ... 
the best amp to run the bass of infinity RS-1b's
Depending on budget, if you’re looking for keepers, i’d look at the PS Audio BHK tube hybrid mono’s or BHK stereo amp. Arnie Nudell said they were the first amps that changed his mind about running pure tube amps on his IRS-V’s. That would allow y... 
the best amp to run the bass of infinity RS-1b's
The Threshold S500 Series II Class A amps with optical bias were a popular choice, with ARC tubes driving the mid/tweeter panels.  
Small form factor CDP?
The Bel Canto CD2 is certainly has a small form factor, though that player recently went out of production. Some Dealers may still have stock though. Another player that comes to mind is the Ancient Lektor (Prime/Air).  
Your choice of the most "inert" cabinets ?
ebm3,743 posts01-14-2017 5:37amTry Magico Q3,M3,S5 very inert plus they sound great not cheap though. + 1. JA just reviewed the S5 Mk2's and had to place a stethoscope up to the cabinet to detect any cabinet 'excitement', and even then it was b... 
Avalon Isis or Sonus Faber Liliam
If you like fast, coherent & musical sounding speakers, i'd try to get an audition of the new Magico M3's. 
Bret D'Agostino passed away
Sad news. My Dealer carried his gear :( 
Wilson Audio Haters
jmcgrogan25,564 posts01-09-2017 9:27pm@melbguy1 , shhhhhh David, this is serious stuff!!We are publicly psychoanalyzing Bo, and his obvious personality flaws.We are right in the middle of deciding whether his overly zealous personality more clo...