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Quality RCA Switchbox
Jena Labs makes these to order, well built with high quality parts. A member here, Mike Lavigne uses one. 
Dartzeel or Audio Research VTM200???
Yep, not my cup of tea :^) 
Dartzeel or Audio Research VTM200???
Serpentine comment: I demo'd the VTM 200's as well as the Ref 300 MKII, and purchased the latter. These were replaced by the Tenor OTL's which were better to me. After 2 years with the Tenors, I moved to the Tenor 300 Hybrids, which I thought bett... 
CES 2005 Initial impressions...
VSA was using Jena Labs cables. And yes, Dan, the DarTZeel pre-amp was a real stunner. 
Anybody tried EMM DCC2 into preamp?
Jacob- Such verbosity :^) 
New Von Schweikert Models
They named a speaker "The Wad"?!? I am honored. 
New Von Schweikert Models
The new SR's sounded fabulous at the show. I lived with and am therefore intimately familiar with( no Tim, not in that way) the Jr's for 8 mo's while awaiting the 9's. They are excellent and a huge bang for the buck. I thought the SR's took what t... 
Looking for an acoustic guitar recording..
I second the Don Ross, particularly 'Huron Street'. Stellar performance and very good recording. This belongs in any finger picker lovers collection. 
Agon Members at CES
Hey Mike, see ya in the 9's room, eh? 
New Von Schweikert Models
The VR-9SE's are a finished product, the first 2 pairs already having been shipped out 4 weeks ago.I'm looking at a pair right now.And listening.Anyone unable to attend CES and remotely near Ohio is welcome to come by for a listen. Don't plan on b... 
DarTZeel NHB-108 Is this the best amp ever?
Speakers utilized in the comparisons I made included Kharma Exquisites, 3.2 CRM, Midi Grand Enigma, Von Schweikert VR-4jr's and VR 9's. Front end is EMM labs. Cabling is Jena Labs and room is by Rives. I can't intelligently respond as to whether o... 
DarTZeel NHB-108 Is this the best amp ever?
Regarding A/B'ing the Tenor OTL's and hybrids, I did that in my home over a 2 week period when I had both amps.Contrary to what I've heard others say, and I'm not sure how many of them actually had both in the same system or heard them in differen... 
favorite SOPRANO?
FreniMiricioiuHigh Pitch Eric 
EMM Labs CDSD / DCC2 - Initial Listening Session
Drhst20 is correct, if you haven't heard the DCC2 ( or DAC 6e for that matter) with the CDSD, you've not heard the this combnation is capable of. As good as the modded Phillips was as a transport, it pales in comparison to the CDSD. The difference... 
Review: Emm Labs DCC2 DA converter
Look Beavis, the LED says "69" That's cool. Huh huh huh huh:^)