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Why is everyone so down on MQA?
MQA lol! I thought this solution looking for a problem would have died already as well. And it does sound overly processed.  
The revolution has begun!
Is this supposed to be an ad?  
Which Solid State amplifier would you recommend for my budget?
I'd easily take the Bryston listed above, compared to your list above... second choice would be the Krell.  
Does an Audioquest Niagra 1200 limit amplifier dynamics?
Remove all the power conditioners, get your electrical panel and dedicated lines working instead. Those Niagara's definitely limit the potential of your system when you have clean power.  However power conditioners served me well when I didn't ha... 
To ROON or not to ROON ?
Just paid for a lifetime subscription. Have had all the software combinations spoken about above by others. But just wanted to stop fiddling and have perfect integration with superior meta integration. Roon fits that bill.   I only use it on on... 
Bryston's New Back To The Future Program.
Such an awesome company. Are they trying to make every other high-end Audio company look bad? Regardless, great freaking idea and deal.  
Mixed Brand Pre-Amp Power Amp Pairings that Work
Bryston 7B3s and an Audio Research 6SE... excellent, just excellent!  
Your sub experience: Easy or hard?
I have a pair of Sopra 3s that I tried to integrate with a pair of REL s/812s. I tried for months to get them to sound acceptable in my room, even broke out the REW software. But no matter what I did those RELs wouldn't integrate well enough.   ... 
Choosing a network player/streamer
Tried the other players but kept coming back to the terrible interface on the bdp, reason is that it's sound is usually better but the software is bullet proof but admittedly difficult as a user experience. Bryston's software allows for an unlimit... 
Sonic frontiers
I have the following Sonic Frontiers equipment:   SFCD 1 Line 3 Line 1 Power 2 Phone 1 All of them have been upgraded by Chris at Parts Connexion to their full extent or almost full extent. Each one is dead quiet. Some of this equipment... 
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Any modern Focal speaker Sopra or Utopia line. Just exceptional.  
Can a Amp be "timeless" and compete with todays amps?
"My experience over the last forty years of owning top level amps… although in the past mostly solid state (but my preamps and phono stages have been tubed) is that, ten years is a significant improvement in performance… and twenty is in a complet... 
Sad to say I need a new amp…
Hmmm... Bryston is looking pretty good now! I think I would look to Parts Connexion or somewhere similar to get it fixed.  
What stereo equipment do respected musicians listen to?
I don't know about musicians but the studious I have been in are filled with Bryston  components.  
Suggestions for a streamer only (I have a great DAC)
Bryston BDP v3 is wonderful and way underrated. I have tried some of the others mentioned here but their software was usually slow but almost always buggy. The Bryston solution is not.