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want to upgrade music performance in HT syst.
John,1) You didn't say what aspect of your system is disappointing. What are we helping you fix? 2) you didn't mention your cables. Although its clear from many posts that you can't use cables to "fix" a system, it is clear that cables make a diff... 
Looking for speaker to match with pass lab aleph3
I have an Aleph 4 (100w/ch). I realize that its more power, but when I had Revel Gems, I didn't need anywhere near that much, making me think the Gems would be fine with the Apleh 3. The Gems are a very detailed neutral speaker. 
How can I solve the harshness of my system's sound
I would definitely upgrade the speaker cable. Even something like Audioquest Midnight (~$200) would make a big difference.I have not heard those speakers. 
Revel Salon/Studio Owners What setup do you use?
I have Studios with Proceed MDT, Proceeed AVP, and Pass Labs Aleph 4 (had Levinson #331, but Pass amp sounds better). I also have an LE-1 with a pair of Revel Sub-15s. I'm using NBS cables for preamp to amp and to speakers, with Tara Labs The One ... 
MOST tubelike solid state amp
Have you heard the older Pass Labs Aleph series? They are two stage SET design. very tube like .... In fact I saw someonw selling a pair of the Aleph 2 mono blocks at an amazing price. That would be the best of the bunch. 
Are "Used" Revel Studios worth the money??
I also bought a used pair of Studios and think they are wonderful. Not fatiguing like most super accurate speakers, they are so smooth and natural. 
Best Blues Rock recommendations?
Bonnie Raitt "Road Tested", live album, beautifully mastered. And, if you have 5 channel DTS, the DTS Road Tested disk is unbelievable. 
Recommendation for HT w/Vandersteen 2Ce
My HT used to be all Vandersteen: 4 indentical 2ce's and VCC. The only drawback of the 2's are that they don't have a very big dynamic range. If you have volume up for all kinds of sounds and vocals at fun levels, explosions will always bottom out... 
Bob Dylan, Keith Richards & Tom Waits: A cappella
Rosstaman, thanks for the heads up on this album. IS it for real? You are right about the imagined harmony of those voices, but if its really that good, I'll get it. thanks 
PreAmp for Revel Studio with Rowland 10?
Although its a stereo/home theater preamp/processor, there is a great price on a Proceed AVP on AudiogoN. Thats what I'm using with my Pass Labs amp and Revel Studios. 
Best connection, BNC, Balanced, toslink, ATT
Choose a balanced or bnc unbalanced cable depending on which you have. Most companies (example: Levinson) recommend in this order: balanced, bnc, rca, att, toslink. The balanced cable is supposed to provide slightly less noise since its a differen... 
B&W 803N versus Revel Gems Which is Better
I have a friend (an Audiogoner) who switched from 802's (I think) to Gems and thought they were better..... he moved, but I'll see if he's still around and can give you specifics. 
Transparent Reference Speaker Cable???
2 comments: 1)I have NBS cables (Statement) and found them to be far superior to Transparent cables. I thought the transparent sounded dull, particularly in the midrange (vocals). Why would you expect cables to sound better if they have more elect... 
Are there any Audiophile versions of the Eagles..?
I have the XRCD2 of Hell Freezes over and its great. Admittedly $40 is a bit much. 
Bass Response and concrete floors
I have a concrete floor in my listening room and must admit that my bass was not that super until I added subwoofers and now there is no question about bass. I think the downside of wooden floors is that you then have to worry about boomy midbass....