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Stereo reciever / integrated amp suggestions?
Thanks for the responses. I am also looking at used separates (lower priced ones like adcom). I want to get a system set up by the 8th but there are so many choices out there that I am having a lot of trouble making any decisions.Mark 
Class D amps,bang for your buck ones
Onkyo has a stereo integrated amp that is class D - Model A-9555. It has been pretty well reviewed.Mark 
Guitar playing audiophiles, Martin or Taylor?
I play a Martin D-16GT and enjoy it. It is one of the "lower priced" models but I don't think I got ripped off. If you do decide to go with a Martin you should be able to get a substantial discount - don't pay list!Like everyone else has said, it ... 
Sony SCD-C555ES or Sony SCD-c222ES
I have both and I prefer the C55ES. But you should know that some early 555ES' (like mine) have issues with the transport that causes them to occassionally make a mechanical thumping noise when playing SACD's. Sony service (Bristol, PA) was unable... 
My first real hi-end audio system Please advise
On a slightly different subject, I recommend you at least consider NOT bringing all that hi-end stuff to school with you. If your student housing is anything like mine was, places get broken and stuff goes missing all the time. You also have to wo... 
I need a live great recording
If you like bluegrass I recommend:Alison Krauss + Union Station "Live"The Johnson Mountain Boys "Live at the Old Schoolhouse"Mark 
Any bluegrass fans?
Wow! Looks like there is a lot of interest. Now I don't want to start a flame war but IMHO some of the acts mentioned aren't really bluegrass (for example, the Kaukonen disc). I have it, and while it is good music to me it just doesn't have that h... 
$250-$400 CD player recommendations?
Also consider the sony SCD-C222ES player. It has multichannel capability, which the 333 does not have.Mark 
Frank's Analog 2 from Signal Cable
I wound up getting a pair of Analog 2's at the same time I upgraded my CD player to a Sony C222ES. I a/b'ed the interconnects (since the CDP has 2 sets of outputs) and the Signal cables won out.Mark 
Best sounding cd's
Mapleshade's CDs sound great and the price is right.www.mapleshaderecords.comMark 
digital or analog output?
In most cases the analog output from a CD or DVD player is superior to using the recievers DAC's for redbook CD, but you should try both to see for yourself.Mark 
Frank's Analog 2 from Signal Cable
Kind of OT but how revealing does a system have to be in order to be able to discern between various interconnects? I am thinking of trying some Signal Cable IC's but I am wondering if my mid-fi at best system will see any benefits.Speakers: JBL S... 
DVD player for CD and HT, optical or analog
I find that an analog connection between my DVD player and reciever works best for listening to CD's.You also may want to try a glass fiber toslink cable. You have to hunt around for one though. Glass has much higher bandwidth than the plastic fib... 
Are there any receivers that have dual 12 inputs
The current generation Sony ES recievers had dual MC inputs, if thats what you mean. Model names are DA4ES and DA7ES. They have recently been discontinued so if you want one you better look fast!