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Anyone heard te Sony SS-AR1
Ok what is ATC? 
Onkyo and Wadia Connections
Well think about it - you hooked the wadis up to a coax input, and you are confused that you are not getting sound from something that uses the optical input?You need to find a way to set the onkyo to use coax 2. 
Amp wattage for NHT classic fours
Can anyone else recommend an amp for these? I am using them actively biamped with the X2 crossover, and am thinking of trying a new amp for 125 hz+ 
Power cable management
Anyone else have any ideas? Has anyone coiled or folded the cords and had problems afterwards? 
Best bourbon?
Eagle rare is good stuff. I have been enjoying Old Weller 107 lately. It's got a nice rich chocolaty flavor. 
how many are you tripping over?
The redeye app may be free but last I checked the hardware was $200! IMO about $150 too much if they want to sell to anyone but well heeled enthusiasts. Mark 
how many are you tripping over?
I have tons of remotes but as far as remotes that are actually in use I only have one - a Sony RM 2100 programmable touchscreen remote. Got it for $20 used and it runs everything! 
Maple Shade Recordings?
Oregonpapa -What bluegrass recordings do they have out? The only one that I know of is the Tony Williamson CD, which is OK. Mark 
Wadia 170i Ipod Dock Vs Onkyo ND S1 Ipod Dock
Lev -What kind of files are you feeding the dock? Apple lossless or AAC?Mark 
Wadia 170i Ipod Dock Vs Onkyo ND S1 Ipod Dock
Yep my wife got me one from a Japanese ebay seller. It is a neat little gadget! I only wish they had it in black - the silver doesn't go with the rest of my setup.Operation has been pretty good but 3 times now it has made the ipod (in my case my d... 
Song covers that are better than the originals
Johnny cash's version of Trent Reznors "Hurt". James Taylors "you've got a friend"Mark 
American Folk/Bluegrass music to die for
Some suggestions:The Gibson Brothers "Bona Fide"Lynn Morris Band "Shape of a Tear"JD Crowe and the New South "JD Crowe and the New South"Johnson Mountain Boys "Live at the old Schoolhouse"Let me know if any of those float your boat and I can recom... 
Spades terminations into spring load trminal
I would cover the other prong of the spade with electric tape to reduce the risk of shorts. Mark 
Wadia 170i Ipod Dock Vs Onkyo ND S1 Ipod Dock
The onkyo looks like a good unit. Anyone know why they won't sell it in the US? I emailed onkyo USA but they didn't really answer. I want to ask for one of these for Christmas but I don't want my wife to have to deal with the hassle of importing o... 
Which CD Players do not require a Pre Amp ?
Sony CDP-XA7ESMark