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several routes to take to digital heaven?
Ozfly, thanks for your input; i recently visited the site, www.referenceaudiomods.com, where it discussed its mods of several good transports (in their time), and how its mods moves them into the $10,000 range, particularly the meridian and philip... 
several routes to take to digital heaven?
Viridian, it's not too hard to discern what camp you come from, especially after looking at the active threads you have participated in, but I did at one time make an honest attempt to go 'pure' and had a very good analog front end, but determined... 
Stands for Martin-Logan CLS's Good or Bad?
Mandatory -- had them w/o and then with stands, sound anchors; no contest, get the sound anchors or the other company which I cannot remember their name -- customed made for cls and they do not look bad 
TV & computer monitor all in one
There are several options available: Princeton makes larger sized monitors that double as tvs; Pentronics also makes a similar monitor -- I own a 27inch monitor of Pentronics that has a TV tuner built-in and when paired with a computer with a HDTV... 
Opinions welcomed
Brian, thanks for your reply. Any opinion re the Pioneer against the Panasonic unit? 
Martin Logan Aeon Good for HomeTheater?
I would suggest a used M-L Logos for the center instead of the cinema. although the theater would be better i have seen exactly 2 for sale over the past 6 months and not at a great price. Logos excellent speaker and are more available at better price 
Best DVD plyr for under 1000 new or used ?
The Panasonic HD1000 which is the same as the new model except in dvd-a capability. Incredible redbook sound and nonprogressive picture. Can find for $800 used. 
Help needed to make processor decision.
let me muddy the waters even further; check out the cinepro processor, no i haven' heard it, but it certainly contains everything you want in a processor and the president of cinepro, Eric Abraham is a great guy and very reacheable; you owe it to ... 
Innersound ESLs Amplifier
how much do the monoblocs cost 
Proceed AVP or Meridian 561?
To listen: the sony inference was to its P9000es multichannel preamp that has multiple 5.1 inputs; very handy, reviewed in stereophile, can be had for around $575 
Rap music on high-end speakers
Natalie, thank you for saying it like it is about rap music; there is nothing elitist about saying rap has about as musicality as bose equipment has audiophile-like quality; come on people, didn't the recent events of this year wake up those who h... 
Is Cinepro any good?
I recently went back to Cinepro when I purchased their latest incarnation of the 3k6 se model -- the gold version -- one of my better moves -- musically the best and movie sounds are incredible -- even at $7500 you get 6 deliciously sounding chann... 
How about using a Denon AVR5800 with Martin Logans
There is no receiver on this earth that can effectively drive Martin-Logan speakers. Trust me, I tried with the more efficient SL-3s. Now use a Cinepro 36se gold with CLS IIz in the front and the SL-3s in the rear -- heaven. 
How could surround sound be used in an audiophile system?
I share the same dissatisfaction with two channel as you do and use a Meridian 568 in trifield mode. Meridian is the answer and you owe yourself a duty to audition a Meridian processor. The Meridian 861 is prohibitively expensive whereas you can p... 
What kind of power needed for Martin Logans?
I run a M-L home theater system with CLS IIz in the front and SLs in the rear. I've experimented with several amp setups and now raving about a Cinepro 3KSEiii. Having said that, I also have used a Mesa Baron tube amp (over powered)and McCormack D...