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Tube Amp for Martin Logan SL3 3
What about the Baron Mesa? local dealer has one and i am intrigued as to its sound with cls iiz 
Is the Monarchy DIP effective?
previous post--grammatical correction bases for basis 
Is the Monarchy DIP effective?
I would suggest the camelot technology 5.1 jitter reduction device as it covers all the basis of digital streams and is supposedly an improved version of the audio alchemy jitter reduction boxes 
SW-800 Subs & CLS's
I have the same setup as you with the one difference being i use the crossover in my meridian 568 instead of the kinergistics one; i cannot comment on the question of construction material, but i do disagree with the 1st response; i never found ad... 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
tina weymouth of talking heads -- subtle -- check out their video 
Avantgarde Uno Loudspeakers: Comments?
i hope you took advantage of the situation by playing some music--i bet you were in heaven as the sound [tried to] emanate out of the horn 
Best Guitar Band part11
Can you spell 'dire straits'? Or, 'van halen' (doh), ac/dc, 'stevie ray vaughn' 
best 5 channel amp for home theater
I own the cinepro 3k6se which is quite an impressive amp -- the best sound and $$ -- great service and the president is available when you call steven 
Current CD playes and transports
Hey, garfish, put the bottle down -- i didn't say those comments you make reference to -- that was highway61 
Current CD playes and transports
Well, I certainly have stepped on some toes with my comment (I'm surprised no one suggested to get some cheese to go with my 'whine'); however, I am not predicting the demise of the cd format; only the onslaught of units capable of playing both th... 
Martin Logan CLSIIz - adding more bass?
I have the same speakers and recently purchased used the kinegistic sw800, the same subs reviewed by aboslute sound with the m-ls and deemed the "super system", or something to that effect, still experimenting but they are seemless without the boo...