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Advice Required
Mel: The only way I can try any DACs is to order them online, I don't have any dealers in my area that carry the P3A or MSB. I am currently using the DACs in the B&K Ref 20 to decode stereo info for me. So you found a big improvement by using ... 
Advice Required
Bigwood: Thanks for the input, have you done any comparison between the MSB and the P3A. From what I understand, they would both offer me 24/96khz. I don't want the P1A right now, I can afford the DAC, but that is about it for now. Until of course... 
Advice Required
Shaqspack: I think he currently has a used one for sale on this site, 6 weeks old for 100 off the MSRP. Is DTS worth it, that is a tough one, I have about 5 DVDs with DTS (SPR,MIB, U571 and a couple of others) and I enjoy the sound. Seems to be mo... 
B&K Reference 10/20 Upgrades
Ehm3: Why won't the DACs be ugradeable, that would/could make a difference for some folks. Any reason they could not upgrade the DACs?? If the DACs can't be upgraded, do you think I would be better off to buy a P3A DAC and using my current CD play... 
B&K Reference 10/20 Upgrades
I phoned B&K and talked to one of their tech people, was informed that the Ref10/20 would be able to be upgraded in the new year. He had no idea of what the price would be, but did mention it would be available in segments, for example, if you... 
Comments on Adcom GFA-5802 amp ??
Rgd- Buying new you are right, a no-brainer, but the 5802 seems to be readily available on the used market at a lot cheaper price than the Bryston. Still looking, but still heavily in favour of the 4B-ST. Thanks for the info. 
Rega Planet 2000
Rgd, Thanks for the info, I'll check it out. 
Rega Planet 2000
Rgd Where in Canada did you see/hear this, anywhere in ONtario by any chance. What was the retail price?? Thanks 
Bryston 4B-ST overkill for Paradigm ??
I agree that trying both out in my home with my gear would be the optimum, but it is not possible. I don't mind spending the money for the Bryston if it is worth it, I don't think it will be 3 times as better than the Anthem but I would be willing... 
Best amp match for Paradigm Studio 100s
Steve, I would be very interested in knowing what you think of the AMP-2, particularly how it compares to the MCA 2. Look forward to your response. Mike 
Bryston 3B-ST or 4B-ST
I will be driving a pair of Paradigm Studio 100s V2, like to listen at moderately loud levels and enjoy music with plenty of deep bass. Looks like the 4B-ST is the way to go, any other suggestions?? Thanks.