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Swapping Tonearms on a VPI Aries- anyone?
I have an Aries 3 with a SME IV.Vi arm. The armboard is secured with three allen machine screws into the TT base, not any kind of wood screws. It looks like it's possible to mount a second arm but might be easier to get an extra armboard to swap o... 
VTA adjustment for VPI 10.5i tonearm
From my limited experience I would say don't be afraid to make large adjustments up and/or down from level. A small change of say 1/16 of an inch at the rear of the arm will net almost no adjustment at the stylus. What sounds good to you might be ... 
SME 3 series Arm Lift Adjustment?
I found adjustment to be touchy and not very precise. It's not like I could suggest to turn the screw 1/8th turn and get a repeatable result, it was more like I had to play with it for a while to raise my lift to where I wanted it.Good luck,Mike 
SME 3 series Arm Lift Adjustment?
I use a .89mm (.035") with my IV.ViMike 
Will SME-V, etc benefit with non-stock alignment?
Yip urged me to do my own measuring, I un-mounted my Lyra Skala to measure yesterday and mine is close to 10.5 mm.So, if you're looking for something other than a ballpark number you might want to do your own measuring.Mike 
Will SME-V, etc benefit with non-stock alignment?
A side note to my above thread, Yip did reply to my question, at the time the email did not reach me. So...Yip is watching.....Thank you yip.Mike 
Will SME-V, etc benefit with non-stock alignment?
Axelwahl,Thank you for starting this thread, I have a question about your statement:In the case of SME, the expected mounting hole to stylus tip distance being 3/8" or in more 'current metrics' 9.52 mm.I also thought I read this somewhere, where d... 
Speaker cable improvements
04-02-09: StanwalOr just buy some Magnet wire. It is 50 cents a foot and is very close if not identical to you know what.I thought it was some sort of transformer wire in the you know what.Mike 
VPI 300 RPM motor clicking when starts
This is my second Aries 3, both motors click on start up, oiling doesn't change things. I think Super Scoutmaster has a different motor. Harry must get a LOT of calls.Mike 
VPI 300 RPM motor clicking when starts
Yes, mine does and actually will do it longer if there is more load on the motor such as with a Super Platter. I think it's a soft start clutch on the motor.Mike 
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VPI Aries III motor and Plinth not lining up
My Aries 3 came with the black motor in the same box with the rest of the TT. My motor fits fine under the platter, I do not unscrew the spikes or put the TT on pucks. Sounds like you need to get the correct motor for the Aries 3.Mike 
Verus Vs Rim Drive
I can see where overhang is not an issue with a scoutmaster or Aries 3 but would be with a Super Scoutmaster. The Super Scoutmaster does not have a cutout in the plinth where the motor goes. Thanks for the overhang measurment of the motor.Mike 
Verus Vs Rim Drive
Thank you for the review, I am looking into getting a Verus for my Aries 3. From pictures it looks like The Aries 3 has more platter overhang than the Super Scoutmaster which would eliminate the problem of not enough reach with the Verus. My platt... 
VPI SDS producing hum at 45rpm
I assume you've already tried the TT without the SDS connected and the hum went away, if that is the case see if relocating the SDS helps, if not email VPI.Mike