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Best Concert DVD
I have to tell you that Queen's "We Will Rock You" DVD in DTS is so well recorded that I feel like lighting matches! The mix is excellent, and in DTS, this will blow you away (and your neighbors!) 
B W CDM 9 NT or NAUTILUS 804's
As Eyeman said, I seriously auditioned the CDM9 NT's vs. the 804's and 805's. I was primed to like the NT's as being "just like" the 804's with a slighty different cabinet. Believe me, they are not close to the 804's, no matter what a salesman tri... 
As-Is, What does it mean?
This is a response to the question posed by Kjg. In California (where I live) there is implied in every contract a covenant of good faith and fair dealing. Simply put, when two people enter into a contract, the law presumes an obligation on each p... 
Sakura Systems OTA Cable Kit
Sorry to be a skeptic, but why is $600 for a 50 foot (meter?) spool of 24 guage copper wire and a few terminators a good deal? What, if anything, is the difference between the OTA 24 guage OFC solid core copper wire and 24 guage copper wire purcha... 
As-Is, What does it mean?
When I purchase things online, I usually ask specific questions in emails about the condition or functionality of the unit. When there are written representations about the purchase, those will likely supercede a more general "as is" type statemen... 
Should 2nd. Buyer Receive Guarantee ?
I respectfully disagree with Slingshot. The warranty period represents that period where, in the opinion of the manufacturer, nothing should go wrong due to manufacturing defects or part failure. That is a term of the purchase. When that failure o... 
Best single-malt Scotch...
I picked up a bottle of 30 year old Laphroaig, which has an amazing taste, not too smoky, but incredibly smooth. It goes well with Diana Krall for me. 
Quality Y connector for a subwoofer?
Monster Cable makes one. 
beethoven 9th..which recording
I prefer the Deutche Grammophone edition. 
Original Box VS No Box...does it matter?
I agree with the other posts about dishonesty in advertising the product. However, I will note from my own personal experience that although I take fastidious care of my equipment, I have none of the original boxes on my older (70's- '96) equipmen... 
BW 9NT or Nautilus 804
804's clearly have it over the 9NT. Not close, IMO. Not that the 9NT is a bad speaker, but the 804's do everything better. 
Where can you buy REL sub woofers? Thx
Tweeter Etc., in San Diego. I got my Strata III there. 
Subwoofer Controls? Dual Volume Setting
I agree with sugarbie. The REL Strata III is a terrific sub for music and HT. I use it with Nautilus 805's and the dual hookups and controls are fantastic and make for simple matching with your speaker system. You wouldn't be sorry. Probably not a...