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Music first or sound first?
I know many listeners who do not care much about the music, but do care about the reproduction of the music. This to me, is sad. Maybe I place music 1st because I was a singer in a choral group and a local band in my youth. I also took music class... 
Music first or sound first?
Music 1st, without a doubt. I can listen to and enjoy music anywhere, on any playing platform. I love music, 1st and foremost. When I listen to my system, the advantage here for me is that it creates a greater sense of I am there, or they are here... 
Is Ric Cummins still around?
What knowledge do you need ? change out components, value to value, unless the parts have no markings.  
Is Ric Cummins still around?
There is a pair of his Rosinante Evolution speakers on sale on USAM. Seller is located in FL.  
Measurement Bias
I have two amplifiers ( out of many ) that did not fare so well with Amir's testing, but I love listening to both of them. Enjoy ! MrD.  
Napping while listening
Listening to music through my system excites me, engages me, places me near the performers, places me in whatever intended environment within the recording, and makes for an escape from whatever nasties I experience daily in my life. I am all in. ... 
Dickie Betts died earlier today at 80 years of age
Betts was battling cancer and suffered chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Reports indicate he was comfortable and not suffering during these times. I am a huge Allmans fan; saw them many times. I was at the original Fillmore East concerts 2 of... 
Vivid Audio Moya 1 loudspeakers.
These are monstrous. I can see getting nightmares living with them, visually, as if they were creatures from another planet, lol. I have heard a couple of Vivid models, and have enjoyed many attributes of their presentation. I am sure in the right... 
Bedini Amplifiers - two different builds/layouts of the same model amp?
@hoten03 ,Too many to remember. I understand your interest with collecting these, however I would caution you with buying these up. Although nice amps, many out there have had, or are, in need of some service....ime. The photo of the open chassis ... 
Excellent Solid State or Hybrid Monoblocks Recommendations
@jaymark , Looking forward to reading your comments on Ralph’s D amps, as I have been reading this entire thread. Amplifiers are my thing as well. Enjoy ! MrD.  
Bedini Amplifiers - two different builds/layouts of the same model amp?
Your 1st photo is of the later production MEG 100 / 100. Owned a MEG 100 / 100, similar to your 1st photo ( and owned so many other Bedini models ). The models / dates are shown on the circuit boards. The Meg model had an excellent bottom end, in ... 
Two greats from '84.
@tylermunns I know many people who do not listen to 40 year old music. However, I do, and beyond....To everyone. BTW, WTTT, with Mark O"Toole on that bass, is a mighty fine recording to check out one's system's rhythm.  
Qualities Of An End-game System
On another thread I spoke about Welcome To the Pleasuredome, which is 40 years young this year. Listening to this, cranked, hearing Mark O'Toole's bass line in all of it's glory, and the rest of the band's instrumentals, vocals, and sounds, has me... 
Two greats from '84.
@larsman My understanding is, Steve how was on the 1984 release doing his guitar work. Just a friendly fyi....@tylermunns, I am not sure what you mean, " surprised " ?  
Example of a piece o’ crap, useless review
His message in the review. He enjoyed it very much, in the design, the build, the operation, and listening to the tunes. Not unlike most other reviews I have read. soix, I would like to read some of your reviews that you speak of. Is there a way o...