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REL and VA Bach's
My Rel Strata fell in at 43 hz with a volume setting at about 12 oclock. That's with Thiel 1.6's (bottom at 40 hz). I'm sure that the room and the sub's position in the room affects the setting. 
Most "Non-Digital" Sounding CDP
Accuphase 75v 
cdp to amp
I disagree with the above poster about the negatives of passive preamps. He has not tried the Placette with its Vishay resistors. In my system: Accuphase CDP into a Sonic Frontier Power 2, the Placette did enhance the transparency and had no effec... 
Optical Vs. Coaxial Digital - Which Interconnect?
I disagree. Using a glass ATT optical connector (e.g. Audioquest optima), IMHO, sounds better into a ML 380S compared to coax. 
amp for thiel cs1.6??
I listened to the same combo (Thiel plus VTL); The integre DT was better. 
Thiel 1.6 - bass
I use a Rel strata with mine and it gets that extra octave plus in a smooth seamless manner. The combo is better than the Aerial 10T's that I traded for the Thiels and Rel. 
speaker stands on wood floors
Try solid granite, 2 inches thick, cut to the size of your speakers. They did wonders for my Thiel 1.6, and they look good. 
MSB Passive Pre Vs. Placette Passive
Never heard the MSB, but I think the Placette Volume Control is outstanding - in my system. Wouldn't do it any other way. 
What digital cable between levinson 360s and 37?
When I had my 360S, I found that an ATT glass cable was the best: Audioquest's optima. 
Speaker options for SF Power-2?
Mine drives Thiel 1.6's and a Rel Sub. It's the best system I've had. Better than the Aerial 10T's that I replaced. Highly recommended. Good luck and let us know what you finally do. 
Do I want a preamp?
I wouldn't be as dogmatic as Mahandave. My own experience is the observation that my accuphase cdp sounds much better through a Placete passive than direct to the amp or through a BAT vk5i (a 4k preamp). Try them all and use your ears. Good luck. 
Levinson 390S vs. Levinson 37 + 360S
The Accuphase 75v outdid the 390S in my audition. The former as a used instrument beats both of your ML choices by a lot. I used to have the 360S (with a different transport), but the Accuphase is still better. good luck. 
From tubes to solid state. What do you loose...
I wouldn't give up on the SF power 2 so fast. My original set of tubes were still good when I changed them after 5 years. The entire tube set cost $290. Not bad for 5 years. 
Does anyone's cable TV provider offer HDTV?
Every now and then an episode of CSI appears in HDTV through Rochester's T/W cable. 
Less is more? Premium passive linestage... HELP
I was doing just what you propose: accuphase 75v into (in my case)a SF Power 2. Sounded great, until I put a Placette volume control in between; now it sounds "greater". Seriously, this is a wonderful passive control that I recommend highly.