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Why aren't all modern vinyl releases 45s?
It’s not worth issuing on 45 rpm vinyl unless it’s a top notch recording mix. I have a few from MoFi and Analogue Productions and they are superb. Very quiet, accurate and tons of image. Dream with Dean (Martin) by Analogue is amazing. But I don’t... 
To Tube or not to Tube, that is the question
One point to consider is tube amps/integrated won’t have a lot of power so work best with efficient speakers. Uses tube equipment may be your best bet. Of course Rogue makes tube integrateds. Black Ice Audio (formerly Jolida) is a good value. I’m ... 
What does "balanced triodes" refer to as related to vacuum tubes?
In case this is what you mean, certain tubes are known as triodes. They have 3 elements.   
Speaker placement in a room with the best performance if it is close to a wall?
There are speakers specifically designed to function best close to walls. Check out the Larsen speakers.   
Grounding questions
Then I did use a cheater. Yes the outlet is same as the Amazon link in your last post.   
Grounding questions
Thank you. I don’t remember if I used a cheater prior to the dedicated outlets which by the way are not GFCI. I isolated the power amp and there is hum from both speakers. When I plug it directly into the wall, there is hum from both speakers but ... 
Grounding questions
FYI the hum existed before the electrician installed the dedicated line. Im not home to look at the receptical at this time.   
Grounding questions
I have a quote for a new Siemens box. It’s way out of my budget and comfort zone. I’ve been in the home for 24 years with no electrical issues. There is a new supplemental box installed when I had a bathroom reno in 2014. It runs the sump pump in ... 
Grounding questions
There is no equipment ground. That is because I tried grounds and it made no difference. The Furman does not have this indicator. I don’t have an answer about the ground. I assume when they ran the new lines they just tapped into the existing fu... 
Grounding questions
Yes a very good electrician told me it’s not grounded. There is a TV but no cable box. I stream.   
Magnepan .7 Alternatives
I think at least some of your issues are related to your listening position. The centerlines of your speakers are probably 6’ apart. You’re seated 8.5-9’ away. That’s far from ideal. What happens if you put a chair six feet from each speaker?  
Magnepan .7 Alternatives
A few things jump out to me. That’s a fairly small room for you to be sitting that far from the speakers. Maggie’s need to be out in the room. They should be at lease 4 feet from the rear wall. Second Maggie’s do not integrate well with subs. Plan... 
Does a turntable make a DRAMATIC difference?
A turntable’s job is not just to turn the platter at the prescribed speed. It also needs to isolate the platter from vibration and other outside forces. The tone arm has to carry the properly set up cartridge and make sure it tracks optimally. Non... 
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
The quality has nothing to do with the COO. It has to do with the specifications outlined by in this case Dynaudio and the quality control post production. The Chinese are quite capable of producing world class quality products in 2022.   
Ohm Acoustic Corp., Brooklyn NY
Ohm has been in business for 40+ years. They have refined the omnidirectional Walsh driver design and now sell direct. They are not going anywhere but they do suffer from supply chain issues like everyone else.