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Technics 1200G VS VPI Prime Signature
Can’t speak to the Technics but it’s very well reviewed so you can’t go wrong. I’ve owned a VPI Scout 2 for about 5 years with the 9” unipivot arm and it’s been flawless. Once it’s on the album it tracks beautifully.   
How important is it to have identical speaker cable length?
Doesn’t matter but unless you are making your own cables, aren’t they usually packaged in matching pairs? 
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
Magician A3, Devore O/96, Spendor to name a few.  
Considering a POSSIBLE replacement for speakers. Opinions?
That’s a real sweet spot for good speakers. There are so many but some are dependent on your electronics. A good place to start is a direct to consumer company like Salk or Ohm. The current Monitor Audio line is highly regarded.  
All NEW Paradigm FOUNDER SERIES...Could they be Paradigm's best speakers yet ?
I guess these will replace the Prestige series which were a bit bland. This price range is very competitive and the Prestige had been around for a while.  
The two most common mistakes are bass and treble
Agree with the requirement to try them at home first. Many showrooms have odd acoustics and it’s not always possible to properly place the speakers in that room.  
Quality of construction on some speakers- namely Harbeth
You called to tell him you think he cheaped out on components and he hung up on you. I’d have done the same.  
Finally found a space for the speakers I’ve been storing... and I don’t love them any more
I own the Studio 100 v5 and am very happy with their performance with my Jolida tube separates. I can’t comment on the v2’s but the v5’s are what I’d call a very smooth speaker. They don’t go real deep but then again my room is not well treated. T... 
Make Magnepan LRS Better
I’d say the LRS are a great pair of speakers for $650.00. Not sure making them a $2500.00 speaker is a good value. Why not get the 1.7i’s for the same price?  
Magico Customer service
OP, I would caution you to not listen to anyone on this forum. There is zero objectivity and many of the posters work at or own hifi stores and are biased against lines they don’t carry and compete against. Go to some other audiophile forum for th... 
Low power- transparency, dimension, dynamics and bass, or...
Why aren’t low watt tube amps transparent? 
Need advice on used Wilson Audio speakers
87db speakers do not require 100’s of watts. My current speakers are rated at 88db and are easily pushed by my 100 watt tube amp.  
What tests would you like all speaker reviewers to do for their reviews?
There’s a reason reviewers don’t do any of this. They review them in their homes so the sound is room dependent to begin. Second each of us has our own subjective sense of what sounds best.  
Michael Fremer's system
The mess would drive me crazy but that’s on me. He seems like a very down to earth and honest guy. Magnificent hifi.  
Feels like the OP is trolling us. As said, tube components are not ideal for HT applications. Buy a SS amp and move on. ARC will not be offended.