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Seeking input on Larsen speakers
I listened to either the 8 or 9 at Axpona this year and was very impressed. To be honest I can’t recall the details but they were among the best I heard in a typically poor trade show hotel room environment. If you are interested, seek them out. I... 
VPI's new "Vanquish" Ultra High-End turntable is a STUNNER!
Agree with theophile. There is a market for $100K turntables. It's the same market for $200K speakers, half a million or more in electronics, etc. Ragging on VPI or TechDas or others for building state of the art tables for the wealthy is bizarre.... 
Cary Audio SLI-80HS vs Primaluna Dialogue HP or Evo Integrated Amps
if you want the warm, midrangey tube sound, EL34’s are the key. They give so much depth to the sound. I would say that if an amp was designed for them, why change? You can always roll different brands of EL34’s. They are inexpensive tubes.  
Cary Audio SLI-80HS vs Primaluna Dialogue HP or Evo Integrated Amps
I don’t know how the biasing works on that Cary but it’s probably not difficult. A very small flat blade screwdriver and a multi meter is all you need if it doesn’t have self biasing features. Generally Cary tends to have a strong bottom end while... 
Budget Tube Amp (newbie)
Second for good value with Jolida/Black Ice. I have Jolida separates and they sound great and were an excellent value. I also have an older Jolida integrated amp but it needs some relatively expensive repairs so it sits in my basement.  
Which speakers have rear firing speakers and how do they sound?
My former Snell Elll speakers had a rear facing tweeter. There was a control for that driver’s volume. I didn’t notice much difference with that knob.  
Need help identifying these speakers purchased in 1992
Pics are not showing for me. Have you made them public? 
Just auditioned Martin Logan ESL vs 60xt
BB Magnolia shops are for people with more money than discerning taste. They don’t have proper amplification and the speakers are set up poorly. I heard the ESL’s set up properly at a friend’s shop and they were terrific. So much transparency and ... 
Paradigm Persona 3 vs 5 vs Monitor Audio
Are you kidding? It’s blatant. I have no problem with someone coming here with sincere love for a brand or model. But when they also make it a point in the same posts (and by doing this in multiple older threads) to run down a competitive product ... 
Paradigm Persona 3 vs 5 vs Monitor Audio
He has found nearly every Persona thread and added his opinion. Nothing wrong with respecting his opinion but it’s obvious he is targeting Paradigm on purpose to make some point. That is unethical.  
How much are AR AR3's worth these days?
I’m with those that think the OP is acting poorly re his Craigslist ad. It’s not an auction site.  
Snell E-5 with my Rega Brio?
I sold my E lll’s a few years ago for about that amount. I had installed new woofers.  
Why don't Joseph Audio Pearls get more love from the audio press?
I wouldn’t say that. For one, read their review of the latest Klipschorn models.  
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
Ohm’s factory is in Brooklyn. Give them a call and see if you can visit to hear their products.  
Buying Speakers Based on Specs
There’s some value to the specs and likely the Spendors will go lower. But if you can get the dealer to set up the speakers to approximate your listening room as much as possible it will help. Also, see if there’s a return policy just in case. Las...