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Ribbon speakers
You don't see a lot of speakers with ribbons these days. One company that does feature them is Selah Audio. 
If money were no object, what would be in your rig
Nothing, I'd be at a live show. 
Which cost more: your system or your car?
Just bought a new Jeep so that puts the car back ahead, the older sedan is about 50% of the stereo total. 
Great rock songs
"November Rain" - Guns N Roses"When the Crowds are Gone" - Savatage 
TDAC or Havana?
Those two would be more comparable than the two siblings I have the Paradisea+ and the PreDAC. The PreDAC basically replaced the Paradisea and is a step up. The difference would be less between the step up Havana and the step down TD. 
VTI audio rack, any good?
I've got a modular 4-shelf VTI rack that is perfectly decent. Sure when I dragged my 88 pound amp the paint scratched, but that's not the fault of the rack. The spike points will also scratch the pole tops if you're not careful.  
Black-Eyed-Peas, the future of modern music?
She can sing. I've seen the band just jamming out they've got talent. Not everyone's cup of tea though. But who is? 
Using different gauge wire for biwiring
You can use different gauge wire for highs and lows... thicker wire goes to the woofers. 
Best Standard Def DVD Player under $8,000 used?
You want to spend $8,000 on a used SD DVD player? Sorry I can't answer that seriously... 
New DAC recommendation $1K, hopefully tube.
This is an old thread, but I have both a Paradisea (Havanna's little older brother) and TAD's PreDAC. Couple of cheap components modified and stuck together, but sounds great. 
As system improves, do bad recordings sound worse?
As system improves, do bad recordings sound worse?No, they sound exactly the same. The only difference is you can hear more of the "details" than you could with your boombox. 
Name your lame duck artist........
Taylor Swift can't sing, writing and performing is okay and her fans love her. Now winning a Grammy for vocal performance what a joke. Grammys have sold out now too. 
Buy LED, LCD or Plasma
Anyone know if Pioneer or someone else is going to supply parts for these TVs they no longer make? Not that many people actually repair electronics these days, but something to consider. Anyhow that Panasonic S1 is a good choice. Samsung and the o... 
Question for Canadian members
Riffer, it's not Canada Customs when shipping to the US, though the border crossing would be the main reason either way. 
best monitor speaker under $2000
Koven, so you audition every speaker on the planet before you buy one? Just go to the store audition what few they have and pick one? Or perhaps you actually do some research to see what fits your needs so you can narrow done your search? Regardle...