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Can I RENT a record cleaning machine?
yes. audio connection (Seattle) does this. 
Wilson Sophia2s demand better than AYRE V5xe, so..
you say you just took delivery... are the speakers broken in yet? 
What should I change
I can't comment on your setup as I'm unfamiliar with pretty much all of it, but - it is all digital, all SS. is there no way you can audition a tube-based, analog (LP) system? then again, you might just be burnt out. it's like those couples having... 
New record=Bad Sound
pressings vary tremendously, individual runs withing pressings vary... if you tell us which LP this is, there may be forum members who can weigh in on which versions are best. 
What is the best band ever?
art ensemble of chicago and sun ra arkestra - both groups, while having top-notch players, were still greater than the sum of the parts. incredible 'telepathy', synergy, etc. 
Does colored vinyl sound as bad as picture discs?
no. the reason picture discs sound lousy - or so I read once - is that they're much thinner (perhaps to compensate for that picture in there?) 
studio equipment that makes it into home hifi
mackie SA1521 powered speakers. heavy wood cabinets (not plastic, like the popular SRM450s). 2-way: 15" driver and a very un-horn-sounding horn. top-to-bottom, natural, powerful (these will go LOUD) sound. you can get them used for about $800 each... 
Scratchy distortion on last tracks of CD
you might try burning a CDR of it and see if the burned one plays better. computer lasers can often extract information better than a CDP. it's a bit of a long shot, but CDRs cost about a quarter... 
Need phono pre amp recommendations
the earlier models of Audible Illusions modulus have a nice phono section and go cheap - also MM only I believe 
Any new ideas on an old theme?
just get longer spikes. I was able to get replacement spikes for a REL sub (really long) through musical surroundings in Berkeley. 
Rock Siblings.....
jeff buckley was good, if not as good as his dad tim 
Japanese Vinyl?
the japanese version of 'the yes album' actually has a volume change MID-SONG(!) - on one track. unbelievable! (but I do agree that, for jazz, japanese vinyl is almost always a good bet. a lot of the US jazz pressings were really bad.)the bottom l... 
Idea to reduce RFI
if the tower is visible from inside your home, is in a straight line from your stereo through the window, you might be able to improve things by changing the location of the equipmentalso, some equipment will be be better shielded if you rotate it... 
Wise audio aphorisms
he who dies with the most toys wins 
Picture discs - Collectors items?
I once sold a set of all four Kiss solo LP picture discs for decent of my prized possessions is a picture disc of Parliament's 'Motor Booty Affair': side B has Bootsy Collins, wearing white fur chaps and a cowboy hat, holding a boom bo...