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What do you think about this statement
he has his opinion. the forums here have zillions. just do a search on the subject and you'll probably get a lot more ideas (opinions, but some more informed and well-articulated than others...) about the differences between these brands.or, as ha... 
Ethics: To what degree?
in the restaurant biz, they say that if a customer has a bad experience they tell an average of 7 people about it, but if they have a good one it's like 1. understanding this, the manufacturer would be wise to bend over backwards to ensure that th... 
How many more years before cd's become passe?
the future = digital storage, no moving parts (CDs are history) 
Analog playback issues
if two entirely different TTs end up having identical malfunctions, it's pretty likely the receiver is the issue. 
Suggestions for Classical Piano "works of merit"
Kempff's 1953/1955 recordings of Beethoven's piano concerti (on DG, mono of course!) are gorgeous. the CD reissue sounds amazingly good considering their age. 
Tube preamp noise question
welcome to tubes! the good news is that a lot of issues that will come up simply involve replacing tubes. you need to know which tubes do what (L or R, phono or line, etc. - do you have the user's manual?), then start using logical deduction to fi... 
Looking for compilation suggestions
"I'm Your Man" (soundtrack) is all covers of Leonard Cohen songs and is, I think, excellentan older one, may take a little digging to find, is "The World is a Wonderful Place", which is Richard Thompson covers done by mostly obscure artists but is... 
How to audition used speakers???
buying used speakers is where feedback rating is especially important. you need to really trust the seller when getting answers about age and how much use the speakers have had, etc. on the other hand, if they're lightly used, you save yourself th... 
Which Steely Dan Aja lp to buy?
G_m_c has a good point: this is one LP where the original pressing, readily available, can sound great. I'll be curious to hear side-by-side comparison reports when the reissues come out. 
Best Instruments in Analog
the human voice 
Turntable Pre-Echo Sound....?
if it's only on your turntable it's probably a kind of bleed-over you get from the adjacent groove on the lp - it's a flaw in the pressing, not a problem with your system 
Preamp Eats tubes..
it's possible that the NOS have slightly different specs and aren't a good match for the SF circuit. my CAT pre is picky that way - it also likes the Sovteks better than some NOS I've tried. 
Will SACD Formats Play through a Standard DAC?
you can only use the DAC for the 'redbook' (i.e. NOT sacd) signal. 
Looking for an integrated tube amp USA or Europe
rogue chronos (sp.?) - amazing for the $ IMHO 
Jazz vinyl- go for originals or new reissues?
japanese jazz reissues are great. OJC reissues are cheap and quite good. the classic/Impulse/Blue Note reissues are great and well-priced.forget original Blue Notes - too 'collectible'!original Prestige are usually VERY noisy! (go for the OJCs)ori...